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Beauty | Natural World, Moroccan Argan Oil.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

At the beginning of the week I had a slight dilemma where the product I was trying out (here) had the opposite affect to what it claimed, and I was left with quite dry, frizz prone hair. When I purchased the product, I also picked up this Argan oil by the same brand, Natural World. Admittedly, I was considering not even testing this product due to how poorly i rated the other product, but if I always went by this rule, Id soon run out of brands to purchase things from. So, with this in mind, I gave it a go.

The directions give a few opportunities as to when to apply it such as during washing your hair, however, I decided to wait until my hair was clean but dry and free from products until I applied it as I thought this would be the most effective time. The oil itself is quite greasy which was a good thing given the outcome I hoped for, but the feature of this product I noticed first is the smell- almost a orange floral scent- which is definitely an added bonus. After now applying it after every hair wash for a week (around 4 times), I am delighted to tell you that i've noticed an improvement in tameness of my hairs texture and appearance. My hair still has a long way to go for me to claim it is in good condition, but I no doubt will continue with the use of this Argan Oil in the hope that the quality will continue to restore the lost oils within my hair.

Do you have any hair quality improvement solutions that you think will help?


Style | Plaited Teal.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Coat - H&M | Top - New Look (SALE) | Disco Pants - New Look | Boots - Wallis (Similar Here)

I started off these style posts so well and organised, but as an issue many of us have faced, daylight is a rareity these few weeks. This is making it very tough to find an opportunity where I have my camera, a presentable face and not in my pajamas to get in some even average shots!

 Today, despite the issues at hand, I thought id give it a go as I cant believe I hadn't shown you all my jacket yet- I absolutely adore this jacket. I'm not a massive H&M buyer but I spotted this piece online about a month ago and had to buy it. I'd even go as far to say it is my favourite coat I've owned in almost two years- its just a great combination of casual and smart and can be worn with almost anything (expect it in some future outfit posts). The fit of it is also perfect as it doesnt hug any areas too tightly and falls around the bum area which is lovely for wearing with day dresses or trousers.It was retailing for £34.99 at the time, but they had a £5 off promotion, so at £29.99, I couldn't not grab it. Unfortunately, I can no longer find it online to direct any of you to it but i'd defo have a look in your nearest store as they may still be lingering! 

The whole outfit overall today was kept very simple as I was only in a seminar for a few hours and then back home, and admittedly, i'm not a morning person, so perfect makeup and an outfit without comfort at the for-front was never going to happen. However, I purchased two new dresses recently which should be appearing on my doorstep anytime soon, so keep your eyes peeled for them on here and how I style these new girly additions to my Spring wardrobe...

How are you going to transform your winter wardrobe into spring staples?


Beauty | Maybelline, ColorSensational - 720 Luminous Cocoa.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

I'm such a sucker for good packaging, so much so that it can make me buy things I don't actually need. This Maybelline ColorSensational is a prime example. Its light pink holographic style of lid over the silver lipstick cover immediately caught my eye. It doesn't photograph too well as you can see, but when it catches the light, its so pretty. It is this admittedly that sold me so then it was more just a matter of choosing a colour I liked.

The shade I decided on was Luminous Cocoa- a dark looking brown and purple mix. I knew however that this wasnt going to be a heavy substance but what i found was a more extreme version- a stick of lipgloss. Its lightly sticky texture makes this closer to a lip salve or a gloss, than to a lip stick to me as to even create the sample as seen above, I needed to swipe the stick around three to four times. Even with this amount of application, the colour I was left with was light. When testing it on the lip area, the same amount of appplication was needed to see any change. The overall result wasn't one I was too keen on as i'm more a heavy lipstick wearer and also prefer the matte effect. However, even though this wasn't a product that I would personally use again, I will give some credit to it for its lovely packaging (you might of guessed by now how much I like it), and also the precision available to those of you who do suit a shinier texture or even seek a glossy overcoat to another of your lipstick products. If this is what you are after, the RRP of around £7 would make it a good buy, however you will without a doubt find it cheaper on many websites i'm sure.

How much does packaging influence your buying decisions?


Beauty | O.P.I & Rimmel, Spring Sparkle.

Monday, 27 January 2014

 It's all well and good carefully placing together on trend, new clothes and your perfectly shaped fresh handbag but lets face it, a set of nails with damaged nails can so easily take you from glamour queen to un-kept roamer in about two seconds. For those of us who lead very hands-on lives, maintaining a perfect nail surface is almost impossible but I cant stress enough that clean nail varnish-less nails is so much better than chipped polish, especially if you're a dark colour user, so just send a those few moments taking it off even if you don't get a chance to repaint them right away.

I myself am a big user of dark colours but the shades appearing this season have definitely converted me to the pastel side and have even sent me towards new colours such as oranges and yellows and even white, which i'm still on the search for. They look so fresh on the nails and work well with the lighter fabrics and floral prints being found in the upcoming spring/summer collections.

The Rimmel Salon Pro nail polish in Reggae Splash is probably my favourite choice at the moment mainly because of how well I think it goes with my skin colour. The product itself is also pretty good and has even reached my longest lasting top 5 for those available in drug stores. Due to its lighter colour, it does require around two or three coats to create a solid texture however this isnt unheard of for most nail varnishes i've used anyway. With it being my most favourite and therefore my most used at the moment, the look needed a little bit of a sprucing up, and better way to do that than with a bit of sparkle?  

Initially I purchased the O.P.I in Happy Anniversary, as from the image, I suspected a sparkly white colour however what I discovered on my first use was a pretty clear glittery polish which also appears a little pink when put onto the natural nail base. This serves me right, however, for not doing my research within the trusty beauty blogger network doesn't it eh? 

Anyway, despite this disappointment, I thought i'd put my O.P.I bottle to good use, as it is an easy to apply polish, and add a bit of shine to my now orange nail base by piling on an addition two coats. The outcome of this has now created a lighter, paler orange shade with small specks of sparkle without hitting the cheap boundary line. 

Overall, I absolutely love this look on my nails, and am now more likely to experiment with layering colours for a varied shade with some of my others. I also have been looking at O.P.I for some other spring inspired colours to try...

What spring nail colours do you love this season?


Beauty | Calvin Klein, Creme Lipstick - Mulberry.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Another lipstick to add to the collection, however this one is certainly one that wont stay in there long. I absoloutely love the texture of Calvin Kleins lipsticks. The rougher texture (sounds worse than it is) creates a matte finish to the lips and also makes it so easy to apply. I'm terrible for lipstick smudges especially when I try and blend the colour across the lip area and this makes light work of the whole take away a bit, cover with concealer type situation. 

I had in fact bought one of these lipsticks in the past for around £4, but was quite annoyed when I lost it as its such an easy yet nice looking makeup bag staple. As you can imagine, when I saw it online at Fragrance Direct (yes, you'll find I bought quite a few things...) for half the price of £1.99 (here), I was a little bit excited. The packaging isnt the most exciting which is a little bit of a down side and the colour isnt shown anywhere on the exterior so when buying, youll need to open up the lipstick, and the same will need to be done when picking them for your makeup at home if you own more than one. But nonetheless, the colour range available was pretty good, even if all were of a darker shade, but as I was unsure of my previous products colour name, I went for a darkish purple shade this time. 

The colour I decided on was Mulberry, a purple with a dull yet shimmery tone. The colour shown within the photo is reasonably accurate however the camera light has picked up on the shimmery tone within the product a lot more which isn't as obvious to the eye or when put onto the lips. The muted tone and matte appearance makes this a great day wear product for those who are brave with their colour choice, or would also pose as a nice evening shade for those who arent massive lipstick fans like me or those who just stay clear of the brighter shades usually. Overall, this is the perfect find of a quality product without that premium price tag.

Have you found a good product with an even better price tag?


Beauty | Natural World, Brazilian Keratin Shampoo.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

As I may of mentioned previously, my hair is one area I'd like to improve and care for a little more than I do. There is so many reviews about this type of thing floating about but a good majority of them pretty much the opposite to what I need such as salt spray or a hair thickening formula. I suppose really I should be grateful to naturally have a lot of hair but when you're trying to style, de-frizz or even wash it, getting a pair of scissors out seems far too tempting. It is this reason exactly, however, that I want to be able to love my hair and to do this, a good repair and healthy shine is what i'm after.

This brand, Natural World, has been appearing recently quite a lot on many websites such a Groupon and also where I actually picked it up from, Fragrance Direct. The brand name itself appealed to me as the thought of putting products into my hair that aren't pure chemicals, increases the chances of it doing it some good right? On reading the summary on the front of label, the result sounded like just what I needed; 'repair' and 'smooth and frizz-free' so I placed an order, as at £2.99 for 100ml, it was going to be a spare bottle of shampoo in any case.

Since receiving the Keratin shampoo, I have now used it twice. This reason however was me simply giving it a chance to do its magic opposed to falling head over heels in love with it. The creamy yet thin texture of the product looked promising as i'm used to clear,gel like shampoo's, however its appearance when a little is left out in the air is slightly bitty and rough which i can only imagine affected the absorption of natural oils within my hair. Now my hair is completely dry after the second use, I'm yet to see any improvement unfortunately, and honestly begin to see more of a downward slide in my hairs condition. This may be due to the fact I didn't also purchase its Conditioner counterpart, but even with using my usual basic Alberto Balsam product with it(student prices, eat your heart out), it still looks a little more dry and frizzy. With this now standing as my overall conclusion of the product, I wont be even using it as a spare shampoo and the hunt for a hair care miracle will continue...

Have you got hard-to-manage hair, what's your miracle product?


Bucket List For The Year, 2014.

Most of us with these lists in mind would of probably wrote them up at the start of the month. To avoid any irrational resolutions for the year, however, I've waited until now, now that my new academic term is back in full flow and I'm fully settled back into my student living quarters. Even without my list, I know that this year holds many exciting, yet scary, realities for me with it being my final year of my Fashion Studies degree, deciding on where to move onto next and the most worrying aspect of actually finding a full time career to support myself and obviously my terrible shopping habits.

- Pass my degree with at least a 2:2 to make it all worth while.
- Teach myself how to use my DSLR properly to get the most from it.
- Be proud of my work in the end of year Fashion Show.

- Find a post-graduate fashion job in London.
- Entered a job that I love with chances of promotion.

- Go backpacking through Europe. (not camping though, I'm not that brave)
- Take a Summer Holiday with friends to celebrate the end of university.
- Visit at least one of the fashion capitals of the world.

- Be living in, or looking for, my first home.
- Adopt my first own pet, preferably a dog. (or a wrinkly, little Chinchilla)

- Have a diverse range of topics that represents me on my page.
- Have worked with a brand or PR company in promotion. (for the experience, not free things)
- Reached 300 followers across all platforms. (small I know but it'd be a great achievement for me)

- Be back living with my boyfriend after both moving back to our home. (I'm a needy girlfriend, yes)
-Regularly seeing and contacting both my childhood and university friends. 

- Continue to increase my confidence levels.
- Have belief that I can do anything I want if I want it enough...

I hope you liked reading about my hopes and plans for this year. 
What are your dreams for the year ahead?


Favourite's | Blogs, January Edit.

Friday, 24 January 2014

I have been reading various types of blogs from travel inspired pages to beauty technique posts for around 4 years now. During that time, they have improved greatly in design and content. This has lead to my reading list on GFC and on Bloglovin reaching a total of around 150, and as you can imagine takes a good few hours to keep updated with. With all these blogs constantly filling up my free-time, I thought i'd share with you a few of those that I love the most. 

All of my listed most favourites here are both fashion and beauty bloggers. Having the multiple aspects to the page makes it a must read for whatever i'm in the mood for at the time. The mix of premium and high street fashion will forever make it a great read to me and an endless amount of trustworthy beauty reviews are perfect for keeping up to date with the latest in style and the maintenance of a desirable look.

TOP 5.

OTHERS I LOVE. (In no particular order)

At the end of each of these 'Favourite Blogs' posts, I'm also going to add the name of a blog which I highly recommend, yet one who has no where near the amount of attention or number of followers it deserves. 
(I will list this as my blog of the month for future reference.)


by Georgina Walsh

Hope you've enjoyed my blog picks and have used the links to visit any you were previously unfamiliar with.
If you're also a small audience blogger, feel free to leave your URL below to be in with a chance of being the blog of the month here at Seeking ElleJay.


Beauty | Montagne Jeunesse, Passion Peel Off Face Mask.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

To think i'm beginning to consider myself a beauty blogger and I hadn't even tried a face mask before; it just couldn't continue. Many of you will recognise this well known drug store brand, but even I myself took a double take. The packaging for it is usually a plastic pouch for a one time use, however this bottle claims to contain up to 10 times the amount for a small price of £2.50 in Superdrug currently. At this price, I thought it was worth a go just to simply break my face mask virginity.

Admittedly, over the last couple of days, I've actually been a little terrified to use it as I am prone to skin reactions with low value products such a drug store own brand body wash or cheap make up. The instructions stated to cleanse the face, then apply the mask (which may I add smelt and felt lovely!) and leave for 15-20 minutes, so this is what I did. 

After the first 8-10 minutes of the process, I began to feel the mask drying as my skin began to get harder to move. This them continued on until the mask was completely dry and matte to touch. When the time reached 20 mins, I began to try and roll the corner in order to start the peeling off however this was far from the case! The only way I could describe this was a less fun version of when you used to put PVA glue on your hands and then peel it off when it had dried. Each section I peeled was small and fragile, however I feel that with a thicker layer applied before, this process would be faster and this is something I may attempt if I decide to retry this product.

Once fully removed, and rinsed with cold water to close the pores, I did notice an improved texture to my skin and a decreased presense of oil but not a dramatic change at all. For this reason, I would not recommend this product but at the small price it was available for, I'm not one to complain too much but will continue of in my search for another.

Which face masks have you tried and loved?


Wishlist | Stradivarius.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

I absolutely love finding new stores and new online retailers. Its brings a bit of excitement that you may find something that possibly no-one you know has, and it also supports those smaller brands out there which I love.

Stradivarius was actually included in a blog wishlist I read this morning and although I didn't like the item they'd chosen themselves, the new brand immediately got me clicking over to their website, browsing through the pages and having a look at the seasonal look-book.

The brand itself reminds me a little of Urban Outfitters in the girly yet quirky look they attempt to preserve and create for their customers. However in saying this, the things I liked most were the items that looked like a fresh idea and design such as the neoprene studded handbag shown in my wishlist collage. On a positive, the price tags are also a little less than UO which can only mean buying  twice the amount right?

Have you ever bought from this brand? What did you think?


Style | Paisley Leathers.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Top - New Look | Leggings - Primark | Boots - New Look | Watch - River Island

Third outfit post in a row, i'm definitely on a roll here. I've attempted to take numerous photographs in one session to save on time this week as with being new to this whole tripod using business, it takes me a little while to get a presentable amount of lighting, a good angle and a full length shot. Any tips you've got, they're more than welcome?

These leggings were my recent Primark bargains, and initially I thought the styling of them would be a little tough as paisley print on them and printed bottoms in general have been known to look as if I have considerably shorter and wider legs. With these being of a stretchy material however, I actually really liked the fit and felt that they in fact looked more flattering than anything else.

It terms of styling, I've been on the look out for an over-sized burgundy jumper to pair with these leggings but haven't had much luck. Until that day finally comes however, I once again wore my chunky buckled boots, as I still love them as much as the day I bought them, and also rediscovered my leather look top. This top is literally my saviour of all saviour's. I picked it up last year in New Look and it has carried me through both seasons. Who doesn't love a bit of a leather texture eh?

Do you have a piece of clothing that you always turn to?


Style | Nautically Blue.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Top - Zara | Jeans - Topshop | Shoes - Vans | Watch - River Island

First day back at uni today after a month off and even the thought of what the next few months will bring is stressing me out. Juggling this whole heap of third year fashion coursework, a social life, work shifts and also, my little blog is going to be pretty hard to handle but i'm willing to give it my best shot.

As you might of seen in my recent post, I have picked up many bargains in the last week or so, and this nautical inspired box top is one of them. I hadn't tried it on when I bought it so this was the first time and, honestly, i'm pretty pleased. I initially thought, that due to its wide hem, it was going to sit as a cropped top on, but luckily it falls around the hips or onto the top of a pair of jeans, as seen in the photographs.

The whole outfit is probably my most casual look id go for due to the loose fit style of top and pairing with blue Vans, so i thought id use the opportunity to wear my watch for the first time (finally!), and also a statement necklace. However, this necklace is in fact the same necklace that i'd styled into yesterdays outfit post, the only difference being is its now back to front. The inside of the necklace hosts all the same shapes and design, just without the black. Having just the gold displayed in the necklace then brought out the gold from within the watch which I feel worked well and therefore glammed up an otherwise pretty casual style.

Have you ever looked at the inside of one of your necklaces? You might be surprised...


Style | Jewelled Florals.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Top - Motel Rocks | Disco Pants - New Look | Boots - Primark (LS) | Necklace - Re-Born

Its becoming quite worrying how much I wear, and practically live in my disco pants. Probably own about three pair so there's always a fresh pair in my cupboard and these New Look ones are probably the best of the bunch in terms of quality. When talking about quality I also must mention these boots that I picked up in Primark. Although they are last seasons stock, I wear them at every and any opportunity that requires a bit of dressing up, but as they are extremely comfortable, i'm happy to wear them even if a bit of a walk is required.

The main feature of this outfit however is this lovely burgundy floral printed top with short zip on the back. I loved this top as soon as I saw it on the Motel Rocks website and the fact it also comes as a play-suit is far too tempting! The black aspect of the print makes it look great with black bottoms, or even jewellery with black in it, which is what I have done here.

From taking these recent outfit photos, I've also began to notice a slight ombre-esqe style to my hair and annoyingly i kind of like it. I saw annoyingly because I now don't want it to grow out and am considering getting it enhanced at the hair dressers. 
What do you think, leave it natural or enhance the colour divide?


Style | Daisy Biker.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

This page of mine started off as my attempt at filtering all things fashion, from thoughts to ideas and designs, that I couldn't figure out how to incorporate into my degree. Over the last few months I have put more effort into this blog and have found that I have began to develop more interest in fields that don't necessarily directly link to this, such as beauty products and travel, which has led to a more diverse array of posts and consequently a better representation of me as a person. However, as much as I love this route I have taken, in no way do I want to ignore my main love, and that is the love I have for fashion trends, its development and how this is represented through personal style in each of us. This has consequently led me to begin my dive into outfit posts and with the help of my new trusty friend (Nikon D3100), i hope this will develop not only my own style but my little blog page aswell.

Top & Disco Pants - Primark | Boots - New Look

So, here it is, my first official, whole outfit post and if i'm honest, i'm pretty pleased with my first attempt with my camera. You may recognise the top from my recent haul post but I thought id use this opportunity to show you how i'd style it.  

With yesterday being date day as my boyfriend leaves me for a week for his family ski trip, we took a trip into town for shopping, dinner and drinks.The shiny disco pants and chunky buckled boots were my automatic thoughts when I bought this top and I think it works perfectly for a day to evening outfit; so pretty much exactly what I needed it for.

What do you think of the styling? What would you wear a top like this with?


Beauty | Products To Try, January Edit.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

It's pretty weird how much I've grow to love beauty products. I started my page as primarily a fashion based blog as I'm a fashion studies student and this was therefore my main focus but though developing my interests, I've found this same excitement with makeup and sknncare and trying them out. 

Since the beginning of the year, a lot more beauty blogs have been added to my reading list and I find myself in chemists or online searching for new things a lot more often. This has lead to my recent spout in beauty reviews on my own page. Below I've also created some of the products that I hope to get my hands on over this next month.

Benefit, The Pore-fessional.
I've never tried a benefit product I didn't like so with all the hype currently around this pore minimiser, I without a doubt think this will do wonders for my complexion and massively reduce the appearance of them pesky pores.

Soap & Glory, Glow All Out.
I'm going to admit it, I've never bought or tried a Soap & Glory product. So many beauty blogs seem to treat it as the ultimate go-to product but id never really seen the appeal other than the great packaging designs. However, I think this month might be the month I finally give in and try it. I've picked out this illuminating face powder as I've found my skin is really something i'd like to focus on improving this year.

O.P.I, Nail Laquer in Dont Touch My Tutu.
Finding a good quality white nail polish has proved so much harder than i thought it would be. The cheap one i purchased last pretty much looked more tacky than anything else so I attached the nail polish remover like no-ones business. With O.P.I being one of the best on the market at the moment, and with sales currently on on them, it will definitely get added to the collection.

MAC, Lipstick in Studded Kiss.
For those who have ranted and raved about the MAC lipsticks, you are the reason for this need in my list. They appear to be smooth, bright and long lasting and therefore everything you need in a lip product. The colour chosen is a dark red but not quite a purple as this is a shade I don't yet own and would love to try as the pairing with brown hair, I think, would be good.

Maybelline, Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner.
I think I stopped wearing eyeliner on the lids of my eyes maybe two or three years ago, and recently I began missing it. I now only wear mascara in that area of my face so it remains quite bare and definitely needs so TLC with a good quality liquid eyeliner.

L'Oreal, Miss Manga Mascara.
Chinese cartoon, mascara; I never quite understood the link here until I looked further into this product. Somehow, the mascara claims to perfect the amount needed for not only top lashes, but bottom lashes also and therefore creating a wider eyed look. I don't tend to apply mascara to both sets normally, as in previous experiences, it drops a lot more and panda eyes will never be a pretty look. However, although its not my usual look, i'm more than willing to want to give it a try.

Have you tried any of these of these products?


Beauty | Lancome Essential Brush Set.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Cleaning brushes is just one of them little tasks people tend to forget, me included. The last foundation brush I bought was a £7 Boots number and although it didn't cost a fortune, I'm pretty sad to see it go. A foundation brush is by far my most used type of make-up brush as many of the other make-up pieces I buy tend to come with their own such as blushers and eye-shadow palettes. In saying this however, I just couldn't not buy the complete set when I went on a hunt for a new foundation applicator; £27 for one, or £30 for an entire set? Although this is way over what i would of normally paid, it would of been silly not to really!

The set originally was priced at £45, and upon searching for it online in numerous places when I got home, I could only seem to find it on the Debenhams page which made me think it was an exclusive set. The set includes five brushes with two of them also being double ended which gives you even better value for money. Inclusive in the travel bag is a foundation brush, a powder brush, an angled eye-shadow brush, the dual end liner and shadow brush and finally a cheek and contour brush, which we've all seen can help to do wonders to any face. 

The quality of the brushes themselves are lovely and feel high quality; the box even claims that its artistry made easy, and for once, their not half wrong. They do make the application of foundation and bronzer that little bit easier, but I do hand that also to the fact they are new brushes and therefore have all their bristles intact unlike my last. With them being new, I also am now fully loving the shiny black handles with Lancome logo and brush name in gold lettering as i think that really bodes well for the presentation of the set. Overall, i'm extremely happy with my purchase and hopefully now wont forget to clean them regularly. This also means I might even have to start experimenting with eye-shadow application in order to really get my moneys worth, wish me luck?