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Beauty | Natural World, Brazilian Keratin Shampoo.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

As I may of mentioned previously, my hair is one area I'd like to improve and care for a little more than I do. There is so many reviews about this type of thing floating about but a good majority of them pretty much the opposite to what I need such as salt spray or a hair thickening formula. I suppose really I should be grateful to naturally have a lot of hair but when you're trying to style, de-frizz or even wash it, getting a pair of scissors out seems far too tempting. It is this reason exactly, however, that I want to be able to love my hair and to do this, a good repair and healthy shine is what i'm after.

This brand, Natural World, has been appearing recently quite a lot on many websites such a Groupon and also where I actually picked it up from, Fragrance Direct. The brand name itself appealed to me as the thought of putting products into my hair that aren't pure chemicals, increases the chances of it doing it some good right? On reading the summary on the front of label, the result sounded like just what I needed; 'repair' and 'smooth and frizz-free' so I placed an order, as at £2.99 for 100ml, it was going to be a spare bottle of shampoo in any case.

Since receiving the Keratin shampoo, I have now used it twice. This reason however was me simply giving it a chance to do its magic opposed to falling head over heels in love with it. The creamy yet thin texture of the product looked promising as i'm used to clear,gel like shampoo's, however its appearance when a little is left out in the air is slightly bitty and rough which i can only imagine affected the absorption of natural oils within my hair. Now my hair is completely dry after the second use, I'm yet to see any improvement unfortunately, and honestly begin to see more of a downward slide in my hairs condition. This may be due to the fact I didn't also purchase its Conditioner counterpart, but even with using my usual basic Alberto Balsam product with it(student prices, eat your heart out), it still looks a little more dry and frizzy. With this now standing as my overall conclusion of the product, I wont be even using it as a spare shampoo and the hunt for a hair care miracle will continue...

Have you got hard-to-manage hair, what's your miracle product?