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Beauty | Lancome Essential Brush Set.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Cleaning brushes is just one of them little tasks people tend to forget, me included. The last foundation brush I bought was a £7 Boots number and although it didn't cost a fortune, I'm pretty sad to see it go. A foundation brush is by far my most used type of make-up brush as many of the other make-up pieces I buy tend to come with their own such as blushers and eye-shadow palettes. In saying this however, I just couldn't not buy the complete set when I went on a hunt for a new foundation applicator; £27 for one, or £30 for an entire set? Although this is way over what i would of normally paid, it would of been silly not to really!

The set originally was priced at £45, and upon searching for it online in numerous places when I got home, I could only seem to find it on the Debenhams page which made me think it was an exclusive set. The set includes five brushes with two of them also being double ended which gives you even better value for money. Inclusive in the travel bag is a foundation brush, a powder brush, an angled eye-shadow brush, the dual end liner and shadow brush and finally a cheek and contour brush, which we've all seen can help to do wonders to any face. 

The quality of the brushes themselves are lovely and feel high quality; the box even claims that its artistry made easy, and for once, their not half wrong. They do make the application of foundation and bronzer that little bit easier, but I do hand that also to the fact they are new brushes and therefore have all their bristles intact unlike my last. With them being new, I also am now fully loving the shiny black handles with Lancome logo and brush name in gold lettering as i think that really bodes well for the presentation of the set. Overall, i'm extremely happy with my purchase and hopefully now wont forget to clean them regularly. This also means I might even have to start experimenting with eye-shadow application in order to really get my moneys worth, wish me luck?