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Wishlist | March Edit.

Friday, 28 February 2014

Trousers, River Island | Blusher, Topshop | Bag, Topshop | MacBook Pro Case, Apple Store | Shoes, River Island

Making a wish list is a very dangerous game given my current bank balance but I just get so tempted. One thing I do need however is a MacBook sleeve or case as there is no way I am taking it out of the house or to university without one. I barely even want to carry it up and down the stairs through feel of starching it in some way - yes, Im this bad with keeping things in perfect condition.

The bag here is also very tempting as the size of it pushes it into a weekend bag and with my need to constantly carry my entire life in my bag, this style would be perfect. Its take on a standard black bag is also really appealing as I will forever be a safe bag buyer and not be one for printed numbers or garish colours.

Similarly to bags, when its comes to picking bottoms, its usually black or a pair of jeans however recently, I'm getting closer and closer to purchasing a pair of trousers. Printed versions remain a little bit out of my comfort zone however these River Island versions are a lovely shape and spring colour and would look great with a grey or white cami. If they do appear to be too bright of a shade however, their grey counterparts are also available to but from the website and in some stores.

I initially went looking for the closed toe heels on River islands website admittedly as the amount of photos I've seen of them has increasingly made me cry with jealously. Unfortunately however, I couldn't find them, but did in fact find these strapped version which are a lot more appropriate for the incoming warmer seasons and probably will look a lot better on me and appear more flattering to my legs than a bulky shoe.

When makeup shopping, the wishlist will forever be the length of my arm however this Topshop Blusher is a perfect spring colour and is nothing like any I have tried before. Im yet to try any of the Topshop makeup range but as I'm yet to read a bad review, I don't see anything holding me back from picking up a couple of their items on my next trip to the store.

What is on your wish list for March?


Beauty | Barry M Nail Paint, White.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

If theres one spring colour I can't seem to shake, its white. It goes with every outfit and its definitely an on trend statement to make. I have not always been a massive fan of this colour as it reminded me of when we used to sit in lessons and draw with Tip-Ex. Now, with a good few years distance between me and the corrector fluid, I can fully appreciate the clean look of a white nail polish.

This is the first product I've tried of Barry M's beauty products, and although my expectations were low, I am more than impressed with the quality when considering the price and finished outcome. With two layers applied, the polish stayed fully intact for two days and then I spend my evening at work which never ends well for nails so I won't count this as my final conclusive outcome.

As a drugstore makeup product and also widely available from fashion stores online, I would without a doubt recommend this product. Its wide range of colours from pastels to deep shades means that there is definitely something for any preference and any outfit.

Whats your favourite Barry M nail polish shade?


Beauty | Sally Hensen, Lip Inflation.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Let's face the facts here, we would all like big bush-baby eyes like Mila Kunis and lips like Angelina Jolie, so when you see a product that can place you in a position to be one step closer, its hard to turn it down. Im never going to be the type of person to go under the knife and take such drastic measures to achieve this, however a temporary, light product surely will only do more good than harm, right?

Sally Hensen has only done good for my appearance after her release of the air brush look for legs spray which was essentially an easy coverup for those of us without perfect skin and not wanting to wear nude tights. From my love of this, I was more than willing to now try her Lip Inflation product.

The product itself comes in a few colours such as clear and a small range of pinks- I chose the lightest of the pinks however, in order to keep a natural yet subtle shined look. I was hoping to be able to simply apply the product for a day time, casual look and this is exactly what I got as it creates a lovely healthy look to the lips. Admittedly, the product didn't quite create a fuller lip look but in reality, I'm not quite how I would of reacted to a lipgloss that causes them to swell considerably. 

On application of the lipgloss, after a few minutes, a slight tingle is felt on the lips so be sure to spread the substance evenly over the area to avoid feeling like you've merely just lost feeling in half your mouth. When describing this tingling, however, I will admit it doesn't sound great or appealing, but oddly enough, its actually nice and I know find myself applying it daily on bare lips or with my lipstick.

Would you undergo surgery to achieve such a look or stick to the cosmetics?


Favourite's | Blog's, February Edit.

Monday, 24 February 2014

I can't believe how quickly the months come round at the moment. It felt like merely a week or so ago that i was choosing my blogs for my monthly favourites post and now I'm onto the second. Admittedly my top 5 has yet to influenced as these girls just keep doing it all right, however, list has indeed been attacked due to lovely influx of links I receive during the evenings of blogger chats on twitter. So, here they are- the reasons and inspirations of my blog.

TOP 5.

OTHERS I LOVE. (In no particular order)

At the end of each of these 'Favourite Blogs' posts, I put the name of a blog which I highly recommend, yet one who has no where near the amount of attention or number of followers it deserves- 


by Vicky

Feel free to leave your link below and let me know know which of these you love.


Style | Blue Squared.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Coat - River Island | Dress - Fashion Union | Shoes - Primark

There's actually a sun in the sky, can you believe it? I just couldn't wait to show this jacket that I featured in my recent haul post. It was on sale at the price of £40, so at that price- the fact I can wear this with almost all of my clothes- its great. Its shaping is also something I love as it tucks in just under the bum to coat a nice fitting. This feature looks great with dresses as shown in this outfit but can also make the legs appear longer when paired with trousers.

As much as I love this dress with its lovely square print and perfect white collar, I am in no way going to encourage purchasing it from Fashion Union. I had purchased it around four weeks ago now alongside a similar style in tartan. I had heard nothing about a delayed delivery and no response to my countless emails. I then received this dress two weeks late but even now, I am yet to receive the second. For this reason, I will not be promoting Fashion Union however, if you do like this dress as I do, choose to pay through Paypal as you will be able to get a refund from them as I now have.

Overall, this is my favourite styling in a long time and think it is a great spring ensemble, with or without tights. I had worn it during the day so chose some basic black pumps, however if out in the evening, a pair of strappy white sandals or heels would look lovely.

How would you style this dress?


Haul | When The Mouse Is Away...

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Only this weekend would I have got away with going on a little shopping spree- with my boyfriend being the voice of reason when it comes to spending and with him away in Liverpool for the weekend, I ended up in town rather than doing my work like I planned to. I probably shouldn't of as forking out over a grand for my new MacBook Pro caused a serious depletion in my bank balance but as I hadn't been into the shops in at least a month, I primarily just wanted a look around to see what was about at the moment. There was so much I wasn't excepting and am pleased to say that the back of the sales is a sight I loved seeing.

My first stop was H&M as the front of the store called me in with its £7.99 jeans. How they make them for that price, I will never know but nonetheless I wanted a pair. Ive been after some black jeans to replace my disco pant obsession but unfortunately, the now jumble sale looking table only hosted size 6 or size 14. Im therefore adding it to my list of things to go back for in a few days and hope they're restocked. However, after many of you showing off some lovely floral lingerie you picked up from H&M, I decided to have a look. Im very restricted when buying lingerie as my bra size is in between two options so when I find somewhere, I tend to stick to them. With the current 3 for 2 sale, it was merely going to be a £12 risk so I picked up this pretty black set, as I'm currently lacking one, and came out with the bra and two thongs (one was free).

Im not usually one to buy from River Island as their stuff is a little overpriced for what it is but the first thing I spotted was a lovely smart cocoon coat in navy. However, I didn't even look at this for more than two seconds as behind it was this boucle blue jacket advertised as a sale item for £40. Boucle can look very vintage in many cases and hasn't really appealed to me in the past but the royal blue colour of the coat made me overlook this completely, try it on and be sold by the improved version of myself that you usually face when you enter the cleverly lit fitting rooms of the stores.

I've put off going to a drugstore such as Boots or Superdrug for so long as I know theres so many things I wasn't to buy and try but can't face picking which ones to try first. One that I knew I definitely wanted was the Aussie Hair Treatment as I have heard nothing but good reviews from it and am desperately seeking a miracle for my hair as it continues to grow both lengthways and in volume. 
The next product I wanted to pick up was a makeup remover of some sort. Im terrible at taking my makeup off before bed which is most likely the reason for my bad skin at the moment, so by purchasing a new product, Ive convinced myself that I will start to make it my bedtime routine. This was my hardest choice however as the amount of brands that stock these products is excessive, especially in my nearest store. The one I chose was a Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. Admittedly, paying £5 for water did put me off a little but it also sold me as I knew the product I was putting on my skin would be purer than most and therefore give a fresher look. But I will let you all know my thoughts on this after a week of use so I can make a valid conclusion on this.
After picking up these products, I spotted that these were both in a 3 for 2 promotion so I would get another free. As both were also £5, I wanted something around this price so I picked up the Batiste Dry Shampoo to stock up on as mine is running low. With the next few weeks being hectic, I'm sure I'm going to need this quite often.

I hope you liked my picks, and now Im in the shopping mood, Im convinced they'll be plenty more to come.


Fashion | LFW 2014, Days 3, 4 & 5.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Following on from Monday's post as a series starter, this is a post featuring my favourite collections from London Fashion Weeks days 3, 4 & 5. There have been some great pieces and some styles that you can really see hitting the high street in the coming season, however there has also been a few shockers for me such as the Burberry Porsum collection which I was admittedly expecting better things from. Anyway, despite this, here is my favourites from the last three days, and there is some quite inspirational pieces if I do say so...

Day 3
Richard Nicoll

The series of colour blocking featured in this collection looks amazing. I was drawn to the colours in this mainly due to their similarities with my own upcoming graduate collection, and now, looking at these, my faith has been restored in how good simple colour outfits can look.

Day 4

The shoes in this are admittedly quite an odd choice however they do cleverly bring a sense of casual street style to an otherwise elegantly fabricated and embellishment collection. The princess style to the pieces featured are beautiful in how they portray femininity without the typical shaped body and exposed leg length dresses. Overall, this is definitely a very inspirational collection for me and one that will make my top 5 collections ever.

Day 5
Barbara Casasola

The beautiful tailoring mixed with the sheer panels and exposed skin isn't exactly a new style or trend but nonetheless I love this collection. The bold colours bring in a freshness to the season and show that even without new and diverse prints, the potential for a showstopping array of outfits is still more than possible.

So, now you've seen my favourite designers collections from the last five days, what were your top outfits from the city?


Fashion | LFW 2014, Days 1 & 2.

Monday, 17 February 2014

With London Fashion Week falling only a month or two before my own collection deadline for university, even contemplating heading down to london was a massive no. Dreaming of attending the shows that are this year being held at the beautiful house Somerset House is probably as close as I'm going to get, however I have sneakily been catching up on a couple of live streams a day so far and checking out some of the collection galleries.

I realise quite a few bloggers have had the chance to head down and join in all the fun in person but nonetheless, I thought id share with you all a few of my favourites and pick one designer from each day- and yes, this was probably the hardest decision to date with so many amazing yet very different designs.

Day 1
Central Saint Martins MA

shape | structure | young designers | catwalk fashions

The wide range that has come out of Central Saint Martins this year is shocking- so shocking that it by far was my favourite for the first day of London Fashion Week. With beautiful designs, clever structures and lovely prints, this catwalk show would of been breathtaking to witness I'm sure.  Im not usually a massive of pieces that would be unwearable in the real world as such but the garments were so well put together that it would be hard not to love even as a piece of art. With this being on day one, lets face it, who wouldn't be excited for the rest of the week? 

Day 2
Emilio De La Morena

colour | fabrics | contrast | panelling

The amount of textures in this collection is amazing. Not always a fan of velvet but how it is used within dresses and alongside mesh panels gives it a fresh edge. The structure within the PU style cropped jacket also works well with the collection to contrast against the subtle drapes and sways of the velvet and shiny dress fabrics. Overall this was a high contended for my collection of the day and I just can't believe I had never come across this designer before- one to look out for!

What are your favourite designers this year?


Style | Raspberry Blues.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Shirt - Motel Rocks | Vest - Primark | Boots - Missguided | Jeans - Topshop

I've definitely been slacking on the fashion and styling posts recently but today I spotted a short lived spell of sunshine so seized the rare opportunity. This was pretty much too good to be true and about five shots in, that battery was running on empty. This is the reason for the limited amount of photographs on this post, however, these couple I felt did this shirt justice and therefore didn't require a re-shoot.

This top from Motel Rocks is without a doubt my favourite colour- however the print is very bold which makes it an unusual piece for me to pick. The darker skinned model that wears this on the website pulls this colour off much better than I ever will, and also wears it in a much more evening appropriate style. The diversity of this shirt makes it a great buy as here I have rolled the sleeves and paired it with some navy Topshop jeans and a basic vest for a more lunch date type look.

How would you style such a boldly printed shirt?


Wishlist | Topshop- February Faves.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

How pretty are these tops? There may be a slight trend in my picks, but pastel pink is my absolute go to colour at the moment. Luckily for me it is in abundance this season and TopShop has done nothing but hit the nail on the head with these daytime and evening pieces. 

Cami tops look great for a throw together evening look, and therefore are great for a quick after work transformation. A nice pair of skinny jeans, some strapped heels and a coloured blazer and your good to go. Admittedly, this does come with a larger price tag than many high street shoppers are willing to pay, and also the reason many of us chose to avoid Topshop, but this is a staple style nonetheless. However, if this isn't your style (or in your price range), the Chinese inspired floral shirt is a great alternative and the print is a lot more tame and wearable in comparison.

If looking for more day wear yet looking to stay on trend, then the boxy shape top is a great design and addition to the wardrobe- definitely something i'd wear non-stop. It can flatter almost any shape and falls on the same line as trousers which therefore doesn't drown you in fabric. 

I absolutely adored these three tops on first that it was getting almost too dangerous to continue through the pages! Perhaps this is why I need to stay away from the shops, but with today being the first of many falling's of snow, it looks like I wont get much choice.

Hope you liked my picks, and they have convinced you to take a look on the TopShop website for yourself! 

Home | Sophisticated Zebra.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Admittedly, I'm getting through quite a lot of topics on my blog recently and this new home one is a first for me. Recently I have been after some new, yet cheap, bedding as the couple of sets that are currently in cycle are wearing a little thin and have well and truly lost their new-sheet-crunch. Luckily for me bank balance, I'm not a massive buyer of home accessories, however, I can and do fully appreciate a well designed interior and pretty home-ware. 

These Zebra sheets are a better and more sophisticated take on a typically inexpensive look. I've never been a massive fan of animal prints such as leopard spots or zebra spots however, this print is a much nicer alternative. The simple yet realistic design adds a bit of style into a minimalist or neutral bedroom and looks lovely finished with a splash of colour in the form of a few cushions. However, with heavier prints, they can made your room look smaller so for those of us without large amounts of space, go for a plainer or simple patterned bedding.

The only reason i'd usually go to asda is once a fornight to do a big food shop but this week I was in the mood to have a little look around, and Im now more than happy I did. At £12, you cant really go wrong or find cheaper as Primark's are also around this price for a double duvet set. Overall im extrememly happy with my purchase from George at Asda, and now just need to remember not to put it in a coloured wash!

Do you prefer printed bedding or plain?


Beauty | T-Zone, Blackhead Fighting Facial Scrub.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Face Scrubs are one of them products for me that I love the idea of- getting rid of all the old skin and clearing pores- but remembering to do it or finding the time is something I struggle with. I've now made it my 'every-other-evening' routine to use this face scrub as my skin can be quite sensitive so I didn't want to over do it with the harsh scrubbing, but luckily enough, this product has made a noticeable difference even after just over a week.

I'm quite familiar with T-Zone after using their Nose Strips for a couple of years now which come with a high recommendation by me, however not at all for those with a low pain threshold as ripping it off once dried is not at all pleasant. However, this alternative blackhead clearer by them is a lot less painful and a lot more moisturising. Its creamy formula amongst all them little bits is nice to the skin and also makes a bit of a change from my previous Clean & Clean gel scrub which was more refreshing and light.

Although my skin is still far from perfect or even close to what id like it to be like, using this scrub has helped move me a little closer and is eliminating gradually one of my biggest hates and a common recurring issues amongst many of us- blackheads. 

If you suffer from this pesky problem, what do you use to get rid of them?


Gift Guide | Valentines Day Alternatives.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Cards. (Green & Brown)
You can pick up so many generic, soppy types of cards, but these new types of slogans really made me laugh and will be definitely something I search for when picking mine up as you just cant put a price of a little laugh when you read it.

Cushion. (Here)
Recently i've become obsessed with home decorations and making rooms look pretty. Cushions are the easiest way to do this and this frilled edge edition is perfect for a valentines gift and for turning your bedroom into a shabby chic dream.

Toast Cutter. (PoundLand)
Not quite sure how often or why id every need one of these but its a great little add on gift or for using when you're nice enough to make your other halves a breakfast in bed next Friday.

Tattooed Glass (Here)
I absolutely love this glass. Tattoos are without a doubt very hard to mimic on products without them looking inexpensive, but this glass and its all over print looks lovely.

Vera Wang Perfume (Here)
I'm yet to try this scent, but was definitely sold by Vera Wang with the Princess edition which is so floral and fresh. The bottle also brings in a valentines day approach through the colour choice and the rose formation; potential modern version of a dozen roses?

Are you going to keep it traditional this Valentines Day, or sproose it up a bit?


Beauty | The Life of Make Up.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

The title could be interpreted in a few ways, but fear not; I'm not going to take you through the lengthy manufacturing details of every beauty product, but instead a small little guide on how often to change your make up in order to keep in a usable state and in good condition. As you will see following this short introduction, the key to a long life on many of the products is a clean brush, so if you are a daily user of your make-up, make sure to change them regularly, and between this, wash your collection thoroughly with soap and water or a designated brush cleaner (MAC's one is very effective).

Make-Up Sponges 
- This hold your old foundation after use and therefore hold dried up formula which you will continually be putting onto your skin.

- After a few months, you will notice that the consistency of your mascara gets thicker and with this, also becomes clumpy during application.

8-10 MONTHS.
Lip Gloss
- Once opened and used, both air and any saliva are now on the wand of your product and are holding a lot of bacteria.

Eye Liner Pencils
- With eye products, you need to be very careful as they are very sensitive and prone to infections. This can also lead to irritation or a sty if contact is made with bacteria; if this happens, throw away immediately.

Lip Pencils
- This proses a similar scenario to the lip gloss, however with this product, after a few uses, it becomes a less effective and harder to apply product due to a build up of skin on the tip of the pencil.

- Pump foundations do tend to last a little longer that lidded ones, however, exposure to air tends to cause the drying of the product which can in many cases cause a thickening and darkening of the product.

- Again, this is more for hygiene purposes as lipsticks last for many years if used rarely but once used, the bacteria will continue to grow and a small reduction on moisture content can be noticed.

Nail Polish
- Worst offfender for drying up and becoming un-apply-able is nail poilsh. As seen when painting your nails, it tends to be a fast drying substance when exposed to the environment; the bottle contents will do the same.

1.5 YEARS.
Face Powders & Bronzer & Blusher
- These three products all have the same quality so they have been placed into the same bracket. However they can be stretched to last up to 3 years with the use of well maintained brushes, but if any smell is evident or they gain a shiny surface, they have past their time.

Eye-Shadow Palettes
- The longest lasting of the products, eye-shadow can last for years if it is well kept and the applicator used is washed well regularly. However, if an eye infection occurs, don't risk it; throw away all corresponding products.

Hope this has helped you to be aware of the life length of the basic make-up products available.

Have you found a brand where the products last way longer than this?


Beauty | FOTD, Spring Pastels.

Monday, 3 February 2014

FACE | bareMinerals Primer & Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation
CHEEKS | Benefit Coralista Blusher
LIPS | M.U.A Lipstick (Nectar)
EYES | L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara & SmashBox Eyeshadow Quad (Cream Shade)
EYEBROWS | M.U.A Eyebrow Pencil

Using the colour palette of pastels for the upcoming season of spring, a fresh look can be easily achieved. By using light eye-shadow in both corners of the eye, it can really highlight them and make them appear to be bigger which is great if you have reasonably small eyes like me. By using a blusher opposed to a bronzer, the lighter and more fresh look can be achieved however, being overgenerous with colour here can leave you looking more doll-like than fresh, so aim for a light pink or add a very light darker pink just under the cheekbones. The lipstick shown is a great colour for this look however, it is the only brand I currently have for such a light shade but I suggest looking elsewhere for a pale pink as the pigmentation and longevity of this product are both bottom of the scale. 

Hope you liked this look. 
What brands have you tried and loved for light pink lipsticks?


Beauty | Storage Options On A Budget.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Every work surface, every available drawer, every box; they're all now crammed and spilling out with my ever growing collection of make-up and beauty products. I have seen lots of clever storage ideas that would solve this however with some of the excessive price tags that come with it, it just doesn't seem worth while. This led me to begin my hunt for small yet effective space savers with minimal, affordable price tags. The one I ended up purchasing was a £3 eBay bargain- an acrylic 24 space lipstick holder. Instead of actually just using this for lipstick, however, I picked out my most used lipsticks and mascara's and also any lip-glosses I had no space for. I love this way of saving space so have began to search for another unit I can place some more of my things in. 



£2.25 for 3

£2.50 for 5

These are the four items that I felt were the most versatile, however, if looking for something slightly varied, the options available on sites such as eBay or Wilkinson for more simple storage solutions are great. However, if what you're looking for is a more expensive and larger makeup organiser- stores such as Muji may just meet your needs. 

How do you store your make-up and beauty items?


Beauty | L'Oreal, Miss Manga Mascara.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

I'm going to start off my review of this new L'Oreal mascara by telling you a little story of how I finally ended up with this. A few weeks ago I actually picked up this mascara and was so excited as mascara is always top of my list of make-up products to try as im a firm lover of the Maybelline Falsies and find it very hard to top. But yes, so in my rushed state before work, I went in to pick this up and with me being rather silly, had actually picked up the turquoise edition. I'm not quite sure why they had chose to feature this colour and violet in the range, but unfortunately they had. The difference between each is actually the font colour of the 'Miss Manga' print on the lid, so watch out if you was also unaware of this availability of colours. Luckily for me however, the kind people in my Superdrug store were generous enough to exchange it for me despite it being opened and admitting to my very careless mistake. So, yes, now I am the owner of a black version of this Miss Manga mascara and have had the chance to test it out.

At first glance, the packaging is lovely and the shape of the bottle suggests a wide brush or a decent amount of mascara formula- both of which suit me to the ground. From taking out the brush - as you can see from the photographs - the shape is unsymmetrical and hosts both short bristles at the top and longer bristles closer to the base. From reading into this product, and from testing it out, it becomes apparent that these various bristles lengths are the reason for the name. 

Miss Manga is a direct reference to the well known Chinese animation style. Within these illustrations, the characters all have wide eyes which makes them very distinct from other animations. By claiming this in a mascara however, i feel is very brave but testing it out was the only way to prove or disprove the theory.

During application, the formula itself was very heavy which showed almost instantly on my eyelashes, however after a couple more gentle strokes, the eyelashes began to clump together. At this point, I opted for another mascara brush to help separate them. Admittedly, the brush design had reached the little lashes closer to my tear ducts which was quite nice, and therefore its clear that the bottom lashes would also benefit from this mascara. 

Overall, the formula of this product is of a good consistency for those seeking a heavy eye make up look and will be a great choice to feature in an evening look. Top marks also to the brush designer for finding my little lashes that I never even knew I had!

Do you believe everything that product adverts claim?