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Beauty | Richard Ward Keratin Restore Duo.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

You know that awkward moment when you're about to shower and someone knocks at the door? Well, that happened and I couldn't of been any more pleased to of answered it- the Richard Ward Keratin Restore Shampoo and Conditioner* had appeared just in time for its first use. 

Due to my large amount of hair, I will forever be accepting of the fact I need to use double the amount of shampoo and conditioner than recommended in the directions and this product was no different in that respect. However, its silky texture did make application easy for both products and less of a chore than I usually deem the hair washing process. 

The product itself is an pearlescent coloured, averagely thick substance with a smell that highly resembles that of a hair dye. When I say this however, I don't been the strong peroxide style hair dye, I mean the nicer scented ones. If any of you have tried the Garnier Nutriesse Creme, you will know exactly the fresh, fruity fragrance I mean. I absolutely love it, and the fact it stays around for the day is such a bonus as it will keep you smelling fresh even after a day at work.

Once naturally dried, the hair appears tobe shinier and easier to tame and I can't even begin to explain how happy that made me. The appearance of dry split ends also appeared to be minimised which we all can say is a miracle for any daily use conditioner to create. Whether styling into a straightened hair down do or a messy bun - by using this duo, a healthy appearance is given to your hair.

Richard Ward is a new name to me and as the range is exclusive to Waitrose, I wasnt likely to stumble across it. However, now knowing this, I may begin to check out grocery stores for similar ranges as this shampoo and conditioner duo has pleasantly surprised me. Due to this, I would therefore recommend that you head over to the site to pick up the range or add it to the basket within your weekly shop soon (here). You may even find it to be on a great promotional price if you pick up any of the Richard Ward range soon too...


Favourites | Blog's, March Edit

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

March has been without a doubt my most stressful month to date and because of this, blogging has had to take a back seat for the meantime. Although I have been unable to post my usual 5 posts a week, I have found myself reading more posts in order to not lose my blogging inspiration completely and stay up to date. With all this reading more than usual, it has also meant finding many more pages to add to my extensive list which I can now share with you on my monthly update of blog favourites.

Each of the names below are also clickable links, so if you have yet to come across one that is listed, click over to see what you're missing.

TOP 5.

OTHERS I LOVE. (In no particular order)

At the end of each of these 'Favourite Blogs' posts, I put the name of a blog which I highly recommend, yet one who has no where near the amount of attention or number of followers it deserves- 


by Charlotte Copeland

Feel free to leave your link below and let me know know which of these you love.


Fashion | Wishlist 18.03.14

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

| Shirt | Dress | Playsuit | Bag | Shoes |

As one of many ways of procrastinating and doing everything in my power to not do my endless amount of work, I like to open some tabs and fill them with shops and a lot of adding to the basket situations. I thought i'd start putting this bit of used time to good use by creating a quick wish list for the week and may even start making this one of my regular posts to give this little blog some consistency.

This is a wish list that I actually found pretty hard to comprise. I absolutely love some of the colours about at the moment, and the fabrics are lovely sheers and shines but just so many of the things are not my usual day wear choices. Saying this however, seeing the increasing amount of sandals and bare legs is enough to get anyone excited about the prospects of great weather and ditching layers for a few months (if we're lucky!)

What pieces are you loving this week?


Beauty | Masters of Liner Flicks.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

With celebrities and bloggers alike hosting a flicked eye makeup look on many occasions, and with my most recent beauty review being of my most perfect choice of eyeliner to date- the Bourjois Liner Feutre Felt Tip- I thought i'd make a short post on my personal routines and the key points on achieving a well finished upper eye liner flick.


My everyday makeup routine does in fact actually use a primer but I don't consider this a necessity when creating a look such as this as I feel it doesn't actually influence the staying power of eyeliner, nor does it make it easier to apply. When creating the upper eye line however, I will suggest first applying a lighter than nude shade or a eye brightener to the eye area to light the eye. This is something I tend to do as I feel using dark eye makeup can sometimes cause the eyes to appear smaller, and if you're like me and already have eyes that are not naturally large, this is a great technique to give the big bright eyed illusion. But yes, a lightened eye also makes the eyeliner appear neater in my opinion as the line and flick will appear more defined. Similarly to the reasons just given, I would also suggest using a concealer to ensure your skin tone between you eyebrows and eyes is of a flawless complexion.


Products can work really well for one person and horribly for another. There are numerous things that can affect its use such as eye shape, skin type and even also just how steady you are with your hand- something that I struggle massively with. Like I have previously mentioned, my style oaf application and skin type works well with the felt tip type eye liners. I have previously been a buyer of liquid wands as I usually stick to what I know and they tend to last months, but with trying the newer pens, I have found the precision side is so much simpler and getting a neat solid line is almost effortless. In terms of creating a flick, using a pen also makes it easier as you can put tip to skin and draw opposed to using the wand as a paint brush and steadying the hand for a delicate amount of pressure to be used given the bend in the brush. 


Now to the most important part- actually applying the eyeliner. Whichever the product you chose to use, ensure the tip or wand or brush you will be applying with is smooth, free from dried liquid and has no straying bristles. Following from this, if you are using a separate liquid ensure the amount you place on the brush is not sparse as you will end up with an uneven line, but also check that you don't overload as it will all end up on your lid and to spread it out, you'll have more than an Amy-Winehouse-look quantity. 

Starting from the underside of your eye, just after the tear-duct, begin your line. Slowly curve the line up to be on the line just above your lash line and continue all the way across. Try to keep this line as close to you lash line as possible to give a more natural and heavier last line which is after all what this does. Before you reach the end of the lash line- just before the edge- stop. Your flick should not start here. Starting a flick here can look a little odd if I'm honest and also increases the chances of a smear during the day as this is where your eye creases. To avoid this mini-disaster, end the line a few millimetres from the crease and add a slight bend outwards in the line. With the flick, try and not pull the line up too much but more just try to keep it in line with you lash line as to when you shut your eye, the flick appears to merely be a continuation of it. 

Upon checking your eyeliner, if you feel the line is too thin, do not simply attack it again by colouring in the leftover area. Gradually build up the line from around a quarter of the way along but be careful as I will now also suggest- if you overload on the line, do not attempt at removing parts, simply start again. When removing with tools such as cotton buds or similar things, the line you will be left with will not be a smooth curve but more an even and undefined line. By doing this also, you may end up with a darkened patch from leftover eyeliner which is never pretty and will also cause you previously applied eyeshadow and smooth complexion to be flawed.

Do you have any tips and tricks when applying eyeliner?


Beauty | Bourjois, Liner Feutre.

Friday, 14 March 2014

If you're one of those people that struggle massively with applying a flawless line onto your upper eye or can never quite the flick you're after, then I think Ive just solved all your problems. 

A felt tip eyeliner is a genius way of avoiding the annoying re-dunk back into the pot and then having too much liquid to adjust the small missing section half way along the line. We've all been there! Im pretty sure we've all also experience the awkward bristle that somehow gets bent on the brush and continue to paint your face with a mind of its own. With this felt tip eyeliner, however, you have to put up with none of the above. the evenly disturbed liquid coats the eye perfectly, with minimal effort too which is always a bonus. 

With many products such as this, you also can find that the colour isn't what it claims to be and is in fact a dark charcoal grey opposed to a black. This can be frustrating as I feel a jet black can give a bolder look to the eye area. And luckily, this is exactly what you get with this Bourjois Liner. Its colour staying power and longevity in general is also great for this product which is exactly what an eyeliner should do- none wants a midday eyeliner reapplication do they now?

If you wear eyeliner- are you a 'brusher' or 'tipper'?


Beauty | Colour's of Spring, Nail Edit.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

With all the pretty pastel colours available in clothing and accessories, its easy to forget how else you can wear these spring inspired colours. From lipsticks to blushers, you can use beauty products in so many ways to give this fresh season look. In this post however, I thought i'd share my favourite spring coloured nail polishes that I own. There are so many more that you could work easily in the spring colour palette such a lemon yellow, a typical girly pink or even bright royal blue if pastel shades aren't quite your thing.

| Models Own | Jade Stone, Lilac Dream, Bloo Bloo |

I simply can find no fault with Models Own cosmetics. The price, the extensive range of colours and also how easily they both are applied and removed. Both the Jade Stone and Bloo Bloo are ones I have had for almost a year now as you might be able to see but nonetheless they remain in my favourites not only for the season but all year round. The Lilac Dream however was one of my more recent additions. Not a massive fan of purple as a whole, even I was quite surprised at how taken I was with this colour and how much use I have got out of it- a nice feminine alternative to a baby pink I think.

| Barry M, Matt White | O.P.I, Happy Anniversary | Rimmel London, Reggae Splash |

I have actually featured each of these nail polishes previously within posts so won't go into detail on their qualities and just how must I like them, however I felt they were a must to add into this Spring nail post as they fit in perfectly. 

What are your staple shades for the season?


Beauty | Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick, Rose Neon

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

This Boujois lip colour is a limited edition lipstick from their rouge edition range and until I had seen it in the drugstore, I wasn't aware of it. The colours available are pretty broad which is what originally drew me to them and like I mentioned previously, I see Bourjois as one of the more premium drugstore concession brands so what pleased to be able to purchase it in a colour I loved.

At first swipe, I panicked at my purchase however- I genuinely thought i'd ended up with yet another natural lip colour and these are not at all what I want. I love bold lip colours but I was lacking a light yet bright pink- and here it is. When applying the product, you need a few applications to create a solid and noticeable colour, but once on, it looked great. I will mention however that its staying power could be a little improved. Between leaving my house for a two hour lecture and returning, it was gone. Admittedly however, lip colours rarely remain on me for more than four hours as I tend to get quite dry lips plus have a terrible habit of chewing my lip also.

Overall, the product is great in its colour availability and how moisturing it is on the lips on application, however its need for multiple applications when getting ready and throughout the day do let it down as it can mean a considerably shorter life span on the lipstick.

Have you tried, or will be trying any from this range?


FOTD | Light Lipped Lion.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

This will be my second FOTD post here on my blog and in both of them you will find this foundation and mascara. I absolutely love both and I can barely find fault in either. The foundation hides and shiny patches that may appear throughout the day and the mascara give a full lash look. This time however I wanted to enhance the full lash look by adding a light application of eye liner on the upper lid which I feel works well when bringing out your eyes which can sometimes by drowned by a heavy lip colour.

You may also recognise this lipstick from my most recent beauty haul post, and this is actually my first test of it. I don't want to make this too much of a review as I will save that for another post, but I will say that the colour after a few swipes is a lovely bright pink hence the shade name - rose neon- but luckily it is more sophisticated than a barbie shade. With it being such a light colour, Im also becoming tempted to purchase a similar shade in blusher for a more summery day time look. This will both enhance the cheeks but also give my face a more shapely appearance.

Lastly, I would like to mention my blog header redesign. Over the last few weeks, I have had a lot of other responsibilities to undertake and for that reason my little blog has been furthest from my mind. With this, I have also began to lose interest as I felt it needed some fresh input which I wasn't able to provide. However, yesterday, I got a spare couple of hours and made it my sole mission to create a new header- something more contemporary and more me. I hope you like it!

What ways do you stay motivated to blog?


Haul | Bargain's & Bourjois.

Friday, 7 March 2014

 I could lie and say I'm running low on makeup and urgently needed to restock- but that would be a lie. Yesterday I had a massive urge to do a bit of a beauty shop, and with Superdrug within metres of my place of work, it was made far too easy. 

Currently, I'm on a spending ban for these sorts of things but being armed with my £20 gift vouchers that i received free (yes, completely free!), I didn't feel quite so guilty picking these three Bourjois products up for £5 opposed to the £25 they would of been at full price.

The gift vouchers were picked up by signing up to the Sun+ around a month ago. The conditions to the offer was that you had to keep your membership for 7 days at a trial cost of £1. Essentially it was like buying your gift vouchers for a small fraction of the price and thats always a pleasant bargain! Unfortunately, the store changes week to week and the value seems to of dropped to around £10 but even then, how can you turn down such a steal?

But anyway, alike to my trusty makeup provider, Boots, there is a current promotion within certain brands in Superdrug at the moment. Although I couldn't receive this extra discount while paying with vouchers, its a great way of picking up a few of your must haves or trying a new product for free- and this is exactly what I did.

Im not usually one to buy from Boujois due to their higher drugstore prices than most, but their products seemed to of had a turn around and caught my eye right away. The idea of a gel foundation sounded pretty interesting, especially since my current foundation has a matte finish. The choice I will now have gives me the opportunity to now change up my look daily and with spring faces hosting a more dewy look- it is perfect!

The next product I picked up was this Lipstick in a bright pink. I initially didn't realise quite how bright it was but with it being a colour I'm yet to own and a little lighter than my other bold pink lip colours, I'm sure it will look great for the season. One thing I will add though is how simple yet contemporary the container is, its a lovely added extra!

The last of my purchases was a felt tip eyeliner in black. Over this year, I've strayed further and further from the painted eyelid look due to it flaking or smearing over the day and leaving me with panda eyes, however recently, Ive began to miss it. With it being so long since I last used one, mine have all dried up so it was a must buy on this beauty product haul of mine. With a felt tip too, I'm hoping for a much easier application and not so heavy liquid look.

Are there any Bourjois products that you love?


Beauty | Aussie, 3 Minute Miracle Frizz Remedy.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Ive had this conditioner for over a week now and I'm still waiting for it to do what it says on the bottle and be 'a miracle'. Admittedly, my hair is very unruly and thick but after my fourth use, I'm yet to see any improvement. If you are like me and do have thick hair, one downside you may find to this product is that you will need to use around a quarter of a bottle to feel like your ends are fully coated and like I said, even then, the outcome is pretty limited.

The conditioner itself is a clear pinkish colour and therefore is not like most other conditioners. It is also not at all thin and therefore applying it evenly isn't the most easy task. I must add though, one thing I did love about this product was the smell. Im not sure what I was expecting but the fresh, fruity scent was lovely and having this linger in my hair once washed was a great added extra. 

 With only having a shower in my house, keeping the product in for the desired 5 mins is a tough task however if you are lucky enough to have a bath, leaving it in during a relaxing bubble bath shouldn't be a problem and could perhaps tame to a better level if left in for a longer period of time. 

As I've mentioned before I'm a massive fan of packaging and on first sight, I loved the simple bottle shape and street art edit on the label design. However, the opening to the bottle was not my favourite as I hate leaving things open and with the squeeze plastic slit being all thats between the conditioner and my bathroom shelf, I wasn't impressed.

Overall, this product hasn't impressed me so far so perhaps it isn't for me but I wouldn't completely rule it out from my haircare routine just yet, or not advise anyone to give it a go as at £5, its doing its job as a conditioner should and not leaving me with dry, split hair.

Have you tried out anything from the Aussie range?


Fashion | DIY Fashion | Fabric Retailers.

Monday, 3 March 2014

As many of you may know by now, i'm a third year Fashion Studies student and with this comes the creation of my own four outfit collection- sounds fun right? Well, on the whole, its such an exciting process however the stress that comes with it is not. However, I wanted to bring something good from it all so the idea to share each stage with in you here with you on my blog came about. This series of posts will be spread over the next few months and will range from styling, making, makeup ideas and inspirational images. Todays post however will start with the building blocks to it all, fabric.

My current struggle with making this become a reality is definitely sourcing fabrics for my already decided pieces and with already having this picture in your head, finding fabrics is a lot harder. Im fully aware that this type of post might not appeal to all of you however, I thought id share some of my tips for those of you in the same position as me and also to encourage any of you considering attempting your first DIY dress to take the first step.

Money Saving Tips.

Samples are the best things when purchasing online from a fabric store as we all know, getting fabric or patterns to look as they do in real life is almost impossible. Not all stores however will be willing to give samples- especially if its an expensive fabric such as pure wool or silk. However, from doing lots of research recently, I have found that many stores will send you samples at a small cost but will them deduct this off any of your future purchases should you like what you see. This to me was such a nice gesture as I managed to save £5 on my mass purchase even if it did end up totalling around £100.

When finally purchasing your desired amount, another thing to check is your P&P costs. Some may provide it free if you spend a certain amount however due to bulky materials, such as leather which cannot be folded, you may find the postage is more than the fabric itself, in which case, move on to the next site or take a trip to a store instead.

Whether you're using a pre made pattern or making your own from scratch  be sure to calculate just how much fabric it is you need. Online retailers are very good at measurements and are willing to provide you with 1.75 metres opposed to buying the whole 2. In saying this however, I will also emphasise the need to look in the remnants section as sometimes you will find a 90cm cut for half of the metres price, or even an offer on a bulk buy the fabric you require.

Top Online Retailers.

Top Retailers (one's visited)

Fabric Land, Kingston-Upon-Thames

Cloth House, Berwick Street- London

Borovick, Berwick Street-London

Kurtain Korner, Derby

Have you ever considered making a piece of clothing for yourself?


Beauty | Garnier, Micellar Cleansing Water.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Im feeling i'm a bit late on the bandwagon with this product however as I mentioned in my haul post featuring this, taking my makeup off before bed is something I slack massively with. However, since buying this, my bad habits have changed for the better and i find myself getting the cotton wool out daily and pouring a small amount of the cleansing water onto it to then wipe my face.

The Garnier, Micellar Cleansing Water is what it says on the bottle, a water, but its ability to make a small amount last for all areas of the face is great. This was brilliant news as paying the £5 price tag to only get a few uses out of it was my original fear. Now I have began uses the product however, the price tag is the furtherest thing from my mind as within two days, my skin felt cleaner and also appeared to be less patchy. From using this, a visible reduction has also appeared in my pores and consequently reduced the unwanted blackhead situation.

Overall, this is without a doubt the best make-up remover and cleanser I've tried to date and once its all gone, it will be repurchased in large quantities to ensure I'm never without it.

Do you think removing your make up at the end of the day improves your skin?