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Beauty | Sleek Face Form Palette.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

This palette is without a doubt a dream come true. Ive been so tempted to try the contouring and face shaping techniques but I'm sometimes a little sceptical in picking up new pieces when they're based around hyped up techniques. I find these are the ones that are often too good to be true and impossible to achieve no matter what product you have, and with whichever price tag. In saying this however, this palette has appeared very frequently over my news feed recently with positive reviews and I can now verify that they're not half wrong.

Sleek make-up has now made its debut in my collection with this three part palette of a blush, a highlighter and a bronzer. Both the blush and the highlighter are of a shimmery tone which initially put me off, however when applied, it more enhances the bright face look opposed to appearing clown-like. This is the first highlighter I'm yet to use and its light yet strong pigment looks great under the eyes and when enhancing the cheek bones. With this as a first layer base, the bronzer then suterly brings out the shape, however I will suggest adding this in gradual stages as once applied, it can be very tough to blend out. Lastly, the blusher adds a lovely spring/summer freshness to the cheeks after the contouring. Admittedly, the blusher is my least favourite of the three as I still find my Benefit Coralista to be of a better staying power, however with the price tag working out as £3.33 per part, and £9.99 for the palette- it completely wipes the floor with any budget buy bronzer or blusher I have ever bought before.

I chose to buy this palette in the 'fair' shade through fear of the colours being too dark and over-the-top, and am so glad I did. For anyone who buys the lightest or second lightest shades in foundation- definitely pick up this colouring to enhance your natural face shaping.


Beauty | Tribal Banana.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

When shopping for clothes, one of the few colours il steer well clear of is yellow. It has so many links with looking like a fruit or even a bumble bee when styling with darker colours- all round, its just not great for me. However, in saying this, I have been tempted for months oddly enough to go bold and pick up a banana yellow nail paint.

I featured this Barry M limited edition version in my last major haul post here, and honestly have been without it since. In the week I have had it, it has only required one redo which is pretty impressive for me and my nails since they are forever tapping away at my keyboard or facing the wrath of my many face care products during my nighttime and morning routines.

If you are looking to join me in my yellow nailed look and are looking to buy this Barry M nail paint, it actually has no shade name that I can provide you with, however just look out for the monochrome designed tribal lid and I'm pretty sure this will be the only yellow you'll find.

Whats your favourite nail colour recently?


Haul | The Bright Beauty of April.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Probably the largest makeup haul I have ever had - Boots, Superdrug and the Beauty Outlet store both experienced a lengthy look by me the other day and for that reason, I have accumulated a diverse range of lipsticks to blushers and eyeshadows to nail polish.

Lets face it, I'm not the most adventurous when it comes to make up, and especially eye shadow, but the MUA brights palette has some amazing shades for only £4 and is a great budget dupe to the new blogger must have, the Urban Decay Electric Palette. Although this was admittedly bought for my university final collection photoshoot, and then it turned out it was not needed, I do hope to do a few looks with the more subtle colours in the future. I also think it will be a great way for me to practise applying such bold tones and consequently improve my blending techniques.

I never really had any ideas of definite pieces I wanted before I went as this can sometimes cause me to stick to what I know. One brand I did want to explore however was Sleek. I have seen it around for a little while now but due to much of coming in boxes and palettes, it always looked a lot like MUA play to me. With this in mind and all the lovely reviews I have read from the beauty blogger newsfeed, I wanted to experience its wonder too. They have endless variations of eyeshadow palettes and face contour sets however the set I decided on was the Face Form for £9.99- a sort of all in one for the face which I can't wait to try!

For all the beauty bloggers out there and anyone who loves makeup really- how ideal are the beauty outlet stores, right? There is a average version called Dazzle in the city centre however when I saw a full on outlet store, I automatically became a child at christmas. Due to my large splurge and stock up a day or so before, I had no choice but to keep it to a minimum but that didn't stop me picking up a bright yellow nail polish by the trusty Barry M for just £2. I had wanted a yellow for a while and thought it to be a nice variation on the new Models Own range with tan complimenting shades.

Hope you liked my beauty picks and it has inspired you to do the same with all the amazing offers of 3 for 2 about at the moment. Don't forget to follow me using the buttons in the sidebar also so you don't miss out on lots of reviews and beauty looks soon to come!

What pieces are you picking up to get you in the mood for summer?