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RIMMEL. Funtime Fuchsia.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

I love the idea of a spending ban as I really should be saving at the moment but I just can't do it. Shopping is my way of de-stressing and I just love the feeling I get from trying new things. So, instead of this drastic cold turkey approach, I have raided my room and come across a couple of unopened products and unreviewed ones. I have checked they are still available to buy so if you love them like I do, they're still ready and able to join your collections. 

This lipstick was pretty similar to one of my other shades from Maybeline so I had left it in the packaging, however, upon opening it now, I couldn't of been anymore wrong. This colour, 'Funtime Fuchsia  is a bright pink but of a slightly darker tone to my other bright pink lipsticks. But to be honest, the colour selection and the actual shade variations available from Rimmel is just amazing. With this shade shown also, the product becomes wearable for a bit of daytime brightness to add a fun aspect for a monochrome outfit, or to add a bit of glamour to your evening attire. 

I have a couple from this range from Rimmel such as a more natural pink and also a red, and the moisture they bring to the lip area on application is definitely on par with my Dior lipstick and for a fraction of the price. At around £6 and regularly on a promotion such as 3 for 2 allowing you to pick up a few more of the products you've been wanting to try, I would definitely say that this is a must for your collection and for summer-ing up your look. 

Have you discovered any bargain, moisture rich lipsticks?


Picture Personality #2 - BEAUTY

Thursday, 29 May 2014

This time last week, I decided to mix up the usual way of telling you bit about myself and posted my first in the series of Picture Personality. If you wish to read a little bit more about this series, take a little look here at last weeks introduction and style feature. This week however I have decided to explore my other interest and blog topic- beauty- so with this I have found my ultimate favourites in hair and makeup. 


As you can see from my selected photo's, I absolute adore long, curled hair and the messy look. With wavy, long hair myself, I appreciate and admire these girls and their ability to maintain such troublesome locks and do so with great style. In the mix, however is also the gorgeous pastel pink hair which I find beautiful and almost magical to look at and the most photogenic in hair colours id say. The ombre look is also featured in this mix as I hope its a style that never fades as the amount of fun and brightness it can bring to so many hair styles is great.


Makeup for me is so important as its application can in some ways define and put across the personality of its wearer. Those who spend time on perfecting their look and experimenting are often very strong as people and are very self-caring and care about their appearance, a trait which I feel is important for not only girls, but boys alike.

The photo's I have chosen here show quite clearly my love for lipstick and in any colour possible- it is my go to makeup product out of them all as it brings the face to life in a way and by drawing people to your mouth, is could also be said to encourage those to listen to the words you speak.
Another aspect you may notice throughout the images in the lack of structure in the faces- there is no strong conturing and limited cheek products- this is because I absolutely adore the young look and rounded face. Contouring is a great technique on many and can transform a face but in moderation only. Knowing how to work with your natural face without transforming it is very important and a much better way to create your own style.

What did you think of my favourite hair and beauty picks?


Five Product Face.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

With me moving home recently and as a result chucking out quite a few make-up bits that I no longer used, it reminded me of the time in my teens when I had the minimal about of makeup in my collection. How I lived without it, i'll never know as now you won't find me straying anywhere outside my home with a bare face. But yes, with this in mind, I thought i'd create a little post just showing my key makeup pieces and the basics for a simple look and for those hoping to begin their collections.

PRODUCT 1. Eyeliner
Although not an absolute necessity, eyeliner for me is such a great product as it can bring out your eyes and also enhance your lash line and take attention away from unwanted spots or blemishes.

PRODUCT 2. Foundation
My ultimate staple product is a foundation. With a smooth and consistent complexion, the face looks clean and fresh.

PRODUCT 3. Lipstick
A lipstick is just that product for me that completes a face and can also mix up your look from day to day. A pink is also easy to tone down and up with can easily vary your appearance.

PRODUCT 4. Blusher
I know many girls stand by bronzer due to its ability to manipulate the look of the face but I am a massive blusher girl. I just think its great all year round for adding that bit of colour to the cheeks and looking more natural.

PRODUCT 5. Mascara
The last of my five staple products is the mascara. Mascara is like a girls best friend and just like eyeliner, by coating the lashes and lifting them, the eyes are brought out.

What would be in your basic's makeup collection?


Foundation Favourites #1

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Ive never been one to use the same foundation day after day. Depending on whether my skin is feeling dry or is holding quite a lot of moisture, I then chose my foundation for the day. Each of these are drug store buys and therefore are pretty inexpensive and due to their variety, there will be something for each skin type. The foundations here each have they're own qualities that I like and, like I said, are quite varied in weight and consistency. The staying power of all of these are a pretty high also in my opinion and therefore make them my favourite three at the moment.

First up is the Bourjois, Healthy Mix Serum which is my ultimate, overall favourite recently as with the weather and annoyingly the harder water here in my family home in London, my skin has become increasingly dry and is requiring a smoother foundation but also a heavier weighted one. This serum mix choice is perfect for this and also is a perfect colour for me as its in-between the lightest and one up that you find in most brands.

The Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation here is actually my third tube, thats how much I stand by this product. Originally it was my whole face base choice as I loved the coverage it provided however now, I do tend to use it after another base just to simply hide blemishes and for dark circles under the eyes.

Lastly is my Maybeline FIT Foundation, or in other words, my summer supply. As my skin is blemish prone, I tend to stay clear of lighter weight foundations as after a few hours, I end up bare faced and like I've just woken up- and thats never a pretty sight. This foundation however has amazing staying power for a lighter weight foundation and becomes my go-to product for good skin days and also summer days so my face can still get a little tan. 

Have you used any of these foundations? What did you think?


MARK HILL. Only Takes A Minute Gloss Treatment.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

That little preview we had of summer was so perfect then all of a sudden its snatched away from us and replaced with dull days of thunder and wet weather. This has left my photos looking very sad but as long as you can get the feel for the product and the lightening enhances the colours, then its a job well done nonetheless.

This product, the Mark Hill 'only takes a minute' detox gloss treatment was brought from Boots just before I went to Derby and therefore has been sitting unused for two weeks but this week I finally got the chance to try it. Admittedly it isn't a product i'd usually buy and try but with it sitting in the reduced section for the small price of £2 and the shelved ones pricing up as £4, I felt it was a sign that I had to buy as it appeared to have nothing wrong with it at all.

So, the product- it is a creamy substance with a gooey type texture, almost like a thinner wax I would say. I did actually expect the product to be clear with it claiming to add shine and gloss but I wasn't going to let a colour make me think negatively before id tried it. 

The application of this treatment to my hair was tough due to its sticky nature and the fact I have a lot of hair that tends to be prone to frizz. After tackling a small section (around half an average persons head of hair) with around an almond sized amount, the hair appeared to be clinging together. This outcome isn't really what many look for when styling their hair so I felt that this probably wasn't the product for me but could work better in those with hair that is dull yet still smooth and workable.

Have you used any effective gloss hair treatments?


Picture Personality #1 - STYLE.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

There have been such a variety of posts since I started blogging that fall into the 'tag' category and share with readers a bit more about the writer behind the page. Admittedly, these aren't my first read on my Bloglovin' news feed as they don't interest me as much as photo heavy style posts or well written product reviews do. In saying this however, one 'tag' that I have read quite a bit of is the more general 'about me' one. From realising this, I wanted to jump on the bandwagon a little a share a bit about me, however, I don't plan to write ten random facts or write an essay on my life. Instead of this, using my creative side yet keeping the style and beauty direction was quite important to me.

Here on my blog over the next few weeks, I will be writing a series of posts just showing you my style inspiration, the faces I wish I had and makeup looks that I love yet just wouldn't quite do justice. I hope this little series will show and share with you my personality through pictures, dreams behind my purchases and quite clearly my obsession with everyones favourite procrastinating tool of Pinterest.


a. Co-ord Heaven.
b. Lady vs The Boy Fit.
c. Comfy Smart.
d. Playful Summer.
e. The Body Believer.
f. Cool Cosy.


g. Inverted Girl.
h. Sports Sophistication.
i. Suiting Down.


j. Clashing Cool.
k. Truly Tulip.
l. Neutral in Light.
m. Royal Crossing.
n. Summer Skirting.
o. Little Lace.

* all images are pinned on boards on my pinterest account - Caroline ElleJay - and are from a variety of sources.

I know this is a bit of a different post but I hope you've liked it and come back for the next in the Picture Personality series.

Would also love to see some of your style inspiration in your own Picture Personality post, so if you do, please leave your link below for me to have a look.


Penguins & Peonies.

Monday, 19 May 2014

The little gap I am now in between graduating and finding employment probably is a dream to most- weeks of endless lie-ins,TV show watching galore and a series of late nights- who could fault it? But for me and my short attention span, only so much of this can occur without going insane. So, whats next for someone with little income and free time? A raid of the website for fun things to do in the local area I hear you say. This is exactly what I did and although the choice was limited for the area surrounding the east midlands, a little trip to a nearby zoo (well, 35 miles to be precise) just couldn't be faulted.

Twycross Zoo was initially a primate centre but has continued to expand and left me pleasantly surprised at how large and full of animals it was. This was something which I didn't at all expect, so the price of around £17 per adult and slightly less for students was more than worth it. A few of my favourite photos from the day have been included on this post but there were so many more lovely, adorable animals available to see from zebra's to emu's, meercats to alpacas and even a lovely little butterfly house if this is something that wouldn't terrify you like it does me!

This day out couldn't of been better planned as the sunshine was a great bonus to the day and was also a nice opportunity for me to take me camera on a little day out- yes, the camera I've had since christmas but only used indoors so far! With this, it was a great way to teach me a bit more about its functions and also showed me how much I still need to learn. I loved the opportunity this also gave me to shoot my first ever outdoors outfit photos- I can't believe how much better they become and bring them more to life- definitely something I want to bring more of to my little page here.

| SHORTS (similar here) | TOP | BAG (similar here) | SHOES |

Hope you liked my travel and fashion combined post. 
Where do you go on your days off?x

Wishlist | Missguided Must's.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Missguided is just that store for me that I can always rely on for a cute playsuit or a good new pair of shoes. These picks above I absolutely love as they pick up all my favourite colours for season such as the light pinks, lilacs and the trusty monochrome pieces.

My two picks of shoes are very diverse but for different reasons. The jelly shoes have without a doubt now taken over in my shoe collection with me already owning two pair and now also waiting on the delivery of a clear glittery pair - I just love the carefree aspect to them and think they're so easy to wear. The strapped sandals on the other hand are just beautiful. I could imagine them being worn with a pretty dress or to a special occasion, however I currently have neither of these scenarios happening so sadly I'm having to leave them out of my wish list for now.

Each of the clothing pieces here are pretty self explanatory to someone who knows my style. Give me anything with a collar and I'm sold. The print of a pastel check will also be a great piece to style with some lighter coloured jeans or a pencil skirt. I also absolutely adored both of these playsuits, despite they're pretty simple shape, the patterns on each of them are great and would be ideal for changing up a day look to an evening look. How much more diversity could you want eh?

Hope you liked my picks and be sure to head over to the website yourself- Ive heard some pretty good discounts are floating about...x

Fashion | Matching Monochrome.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

TOP | SHORTS | BOOTS (similar here

I absolutely loved this co-ord from the moment Ark posted about its release. Co-ords are just one of them things that I wish my whole wardrobe was filled with as I can see them being so easily styled for both cold and hot weather. In saying this however, Im a little scared to jump on the matching pieces bandwagon with one of the brightly printed versions so this monochrome one was perfect for me. Its gingham print also brings one of the massive staple prints for this season which makes it a great all round buy.

The fit of this set is very loose on the top, and tighter on the shorts, however this is probably due to me picking a size 10 opposed to an 8 as the more boxy fit was what I was after and thats exactly what I got luckily. The shaping of the coord is also great as it contains elastane and has edges of ribbing which makes it easy to get on and also when moving around. This feature also gives it a bit more of a sporty, casual feel which makes it great for daytime wear or to be paired with trainers. This time however, I wanted to dress the outfit up for a end of university celebration night out so I went for a pair of tights as the shorts are quite short, a plain cream clutch from Primark and finished it with a pair of chunky black heeled boots that I got last year and haven't stopped wearing since despite them being ridiculously high.

Both pieces of this co-ord were £19.99- so close to £40 in total- which I felt was quite steep for them however with the 20% off they were doing, £32 wasn't too bad to part with for this as its a great quality set. Ark really do have some great pieces in for summer at the moment so naturally I bought a couple more things when I ordered, so also keep an eye out for these in future posts.

Hope you liked my find and styling of this monochrome set. 
What co-ords are you loving at the moment?

Graduate Collection.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Everyone has always said time flies when you're having fun, but apparently it also flies through deadlines, all-nighters and serious amounts of paperwork too? My three years of university came to a scary end on tuesday and it still feels so surreal. I wasn't quite expecting to feel so sad when my time had come to an end but the realisation has made me realise just how much I will miss the whole experience, however I am also quite anxious and excited to get job hunting and finding my way in the real world of work.

I wanted to write this little blog post to just explain a bit about why I have been pretty absent on my page over the last month and also share with you the graduate collection I had been working on. So here it is!

As many of you may or may not know, I have been studying Fashion Studies at university and with this covering such a broad spectrum of the industry, I have had a chance to delve into research, design, manufacture, styling and finally promotion- girl of many skills right?

The concept behind my whole project was to explore the ever growing sexualisation been seen within childrenswear. It was quite an odd choice but once my research began, I knew it would be a great way to use the industry as a positive platform for change and bring the issue in society to light. If you are unsure on just what I mean- have a little google search for things such as Toddlers & Tiaras and also the Tom Ford spread featuring Thylane Blondeau.

From this, the idea was developed to create a womenswear collection that explores typical children-wear shapes, and as a 90's child, ones that I loved as a kid. From this I hoped to show that you can look fashionable in addition to feeling and looking good without minimal and tight fitting clothing. So, anyway, enough of the waffle on the collection background and process- here are the final images presented as an editorial featuring my four outfits.

Hope you liked seeing what I've been up to and I would love to know what you think, so feel free to leave a comment below?