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Evening Routine Everyday Products.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

My evening routine for cleaning my skin has changed so much over the last year. Admittedly, it used to be a quick makeup wipe job just before bed and that was it until my makeup reapplication the following day. When I look back at this, I am very surprised at how my skin didn't just have massive breakouts at every opportunity. But now, with the amount of articles and trials I have done on products that suit me, I have compiled a little evening routine for you just to show you the products I have been using, or trying to use, daily. 

My first point of call in my routine is my much loved Garnier Micellar Water. I will rant and rave about this product to anyone and have even converted my family over to this cleansing water. This is also my second bottle hence the full bottle photographed so its rebuy shows just how much I rate it. This product gets rid of 90% my makeup I would say as some of my mascara is always stubborn but its a brilliant start to clearing my face of unwanted products and oils.

Once these unwanted products are eliminated, I aim to restore my skins moisture as a dry skin patch is the worst nightmare when applying foundation the next day. I restore my skins oils and softness by then using the Simple Soothing Facial Toner. This is the first of the toner products I have tried but I think they just add that freshness and brightness to my skin that other products don't provide.

After around 10 minutes, or after the brushing of the teeth and hair detangling, I should have a less greasy looking face as the toner will of sunk in. I then apply a cream to my face, and yes I know, the cream is a hand cream. I use the Dove Essential Nourishment hand cream for this step as I just prefer it. The texture feels smoother and less heavy than a regular body moisturiser and also is absorbed a lot faster which works great for me.

So, this is my basics skin cleansing routine that I aim to do everyday but, admittedly, only probably actually do 4 or 5 times a week, and I hope you liked reading about it.

What is your everyday evening routine?


TRESEMME. Keratin Deep Treatment Masque.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

I plan on doing a whole post dedicated to my hair routine soon as the things I need to use in order to maintain my hair is a little different to most. The main reason for this is my hairs huge lack of moisture no matter what. In order to try balance out the oils in my hair without introducing too many chemicals or making my hair appear unclean and greasy, I use the heavier conditioner products every other hair wash, so around twice a week. In between this, I still condition my hair but use a more standard product that you usually find beside the shampoo. This will range from salon products to bargain buys- whatever takes my fancy on shopping day.

But back to the treatment side of things. This Tresemme Keratin 7-Day Smooth Treatment is part of the new range that you can find in most drug stores and even supermarkets and has many other additions such as a regular conditioner, shampoo and even a shine spray. The range claims to rule frizz for up to 48 hours which sounded perfect to me as I do wash my hair every other day, but alongside this, it also claimed to not strip hair of natural vitamins and minerals which can only result in good things right?

Admittedly, I didn't test the product with the same range shampoo and conditioner beforehand which means I won't be receiving the same results as the advert or website suggests, but I have never done this with any of the other masques previously so it will be a fair comparison to them.

With a product such as this, I feel having a bath makes the whole routine so much easier as once my shampoo is washed out, I comb out any tangles and knots with a wide toothed comb. The amount of conditioner needed obviously depends on your hairs condition and thickness and length but if your hair is like mine, be prepared to use at least a third of a tub. Comb this then through your hair avoiding the roots as it can make them far greasier than anyone would want. Once this is done, leave for 3-5 minutes as directed on the instructions and rinse out thoroughly, preferably in clean, fresh water.

Results don't show until hair is dry, however once this is done and my hair was styled, I noticed that it was a lot easier to manage and there was so many less fly-away stands. One downside to this product I will say however is that my hair felt slightly heavier which in turn gave the usually subtle curls in my hair even flatter and less bouncy. 

Have you used any lightweight hair masques that tackle frizz?


HOUSE OF FRASER. Blogger Meets Beauty Buyer Event.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

When comparing my blog to the thousands of other beauty enthusisasts out there, my page here is such a tiny space of the blogging world, so when I was contacted by an external PR company on behalf of the premium department store, House of Fraser, I was a little in shock. 

This was my first ever invite to such an event, so admittedly the nerves were most definitely there. In the past I have let my shyness and fear take over my life and stop me from doing things I have wanted to. Even agreeing to attend made me realise just how much i'd changed and it made me feel quite proud in a way.

The event itself, for lack of other terms, was a meet and greet, question-and-answer-style chance for a few of us bloggers to meet the minds and faces behind the beauty we see on the counters of the country-wide, premium store, House of Fraser. The discussions ranged from upcoming store events such as the month long Carnival of Colour starting from June 19th where 10 select stores will see some infusions of colour, cocktails and exotic dancers, to most importantly some exclusive products from brands such as Bobbi Brown and a Dior lip product that will get us visiting our nearby stores once released.

As a lover for a good bargain, House of Fraser hasn't always been my first point of call when searching for a beauty buy however when I do want a little treat, a bit of help to get the right product or a present, a more premium store is where I head and that is where House of Fraser fits into my life. From MAC to Urban Decay, NARS to Dior, they most certainly know how to do beauty and from getting a little insight today into the workings behind the whole department, the influences from the American makeup scene and French pharmaceutical approach has excited me just that little bit more.

Attending this meet as a blogger answered many questions I had had my head about the products that would be great for me and for you as my readers, but as a current job hunter and lover of the style and beauty career pathway, I also wanted to use this opportunity to gain a better insight into the job itself. From attending this and asking these questions, my whole outlook on the job of a buyer has changed considerably- not for the bad, but for the good. With any such job that sounds to good to be true, and with one such as this that is a girls dream- it was confirmed that the heavy admin and problem solving side to the career brings the perceived 'glamour' job back into reality. In saying this however, it wouldn't be the 'glamour' job at all without the worldwide travelling for research to trade shows, the connection building and the product testing aspect.

Overall, it was a great opportunity and I am so grateful for the outlook it has now given me on the whole beauty buying scenario and also for the lovely bloggers and you-tubers it allowed me to meet!


ASOS. The Own Label Promo Top Picks.

Monday, 9 June 2014

For those of you who also follow me on Twitter, you will of heard of my dilemma recently with my disappearing memory card which has restricted my photo sessions recently and as bloggers will understand, has also stopped me from using any of my new beauty products.  I can verify now however that this will soon be rectified as a new one has been ordered but for the meantime I am now camera-less. I am however now using this opportunity to now do a well overdue wish-list style post, and as the much loved ASOS is currently having a 25% discount promotion on their own brand pieces, which are usually the pieces I usually buy anyway, I thought id share a few of my favourite pieces. I have also tried to vary the choices and picked something from every department which is very unlike me as I'm usually a tops and shirts obsessive. 

Hope you like this top picks post and find yourself your own bargain in the ASOS own brand sale.