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BEAUTY. The Makeup Collection Rejects.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

It's inevitable that sometimes we can spend huge amounts of money on products that are very disappointing when we finally get home and round to trying them. I'm the first to admit that I hate it when this happens and il try them again in a week or so and test it again before completely writing it out of my collection as nobody likes wasting money, right? But I suppose if you don't try you'll never know and despite all the reviews written and available, we just would like to have faith in our favourite brands sometimes. So, despite much debate about whether to show this negative side to products, I have decided to do this post and share my thoughts with you. And, here it is- these are the products that I've tried, tested & have found to be a little disappointing recently.

Im first to admit it but sometimes I can be a bit of a drug store snob with some brands. I love products by those such as Rimmel, Maybelline and Bourjois but on my beauty hauls, a brand you'll never see is those like 17 or Natural Collection. I have quite sensitive skin so the lowered prices of these such brands sometimes just aren't worth the risk due to the perception of them using cheaper ingredients and therefore creating an unsightly rash on my skin. However, with this aside, and the recent hype around Collection and their concealer and also this powder, I put my worries aside and picked it up. Its such an inexpensive product so I debated whether even keep it after my dislike for it but I have anyway for the purposes of this post.
My main reason for not liking this Collection Pressed Powder is strangely enough its selling point- the ability to reduce shine on the face, creating a matte look. Admittedly, it does just this- but too well. My skin had no moisture left in it and dry skin patches had appeared after just two days which shows just how drying it is.

My other reject- for lack of other terms- is the Revlon Airbrush Mousse. I didn't quite understand why a foundation needed to come as an aerosol and honestly, I still don't. It comes out as a liquid but with lots of little bubbles, and not like any mousse I've used before. On application, the product still hadn't improved for me as the coverage it provided was minimal and not build-able. If a light base was what you look for however, this product may be for you but I would still probably stay clear as I'm not quite sure how long this would last and the Vanilla shade I used still appeared a little darker than the labelled colour.

So here they are, my disappointing discoveries for the last couple of months, and lets face it, two isn't a bad amount right?

What have you bought recently that you wish you hadn't?


BEAUTY. The July Favourites.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

This month has been a pretty successful month in terms of finding great products and ones that have also helped me to refresh my look for the summer even if they are only subtle changes. With this in mind, I wanted to use this opportunity to create a little favourites post and share these finds with you now we are approaching the end of July and yet another new month is about to begin.

First up, this new addition to my make up bag is the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette. Yes, I'm a little behind on the hype but I am so pleased to have this in my collection to add a bit of sparkle and depth to my eyes, and for this reason, it has made it into my top products for July.

In terms of other make-up products I can't seem to of lived without this month, the Sleek Face Form Palette has been great in adding some shape to my face and adding a nice bit of colour to my cheeks. However, another cheek product that keeps popping up is the MUA Blusher in 'Marshmallow'- A product that I was initially skeptical about, but now use regularly to brighten up my cheeks for a nice summer look.

No product can be done justice however without the help of a good brush and this is where my Real Techniques Foundation Brush comes in. Its bristles can sometimes feel quite rough and scratchy across my skin but after a few uses, the feeling has gone and now it helps provide an even layer of foundation across my face.

Another product I am loving at the moment is the Burts Bee's Cocunut Foot Creme. The texture is very heavy and wax-like so only naturally, it took me a little while to get used to but the rehydration it provides my skin and feet with is great. 

Mascara is something that is an essential product in any collection and after the previous one I have used being the Miss Manga Mascara- my next one had a lot to live up to. Luckily for me, it did just that as the Maybelline One by One Volum' Express Masacara has a great shaped brush for getting in the corners and the product itself doesn't flake or drop during the day. I also absolutely love the colour and shape of the packaging which also helps to sell me.

Lastly, something I didn't put into the photo but still wanted to add to this list is Coconut Oil. I don't know how id never heard of it before but its uses are just brilliant. I have been using it to condition my hair every now and again but it also has many other uses such as in cooking and also for oral hygiene, weird right?

So, here it is, my top beauty products for July. What have you been loving this month?


EYELINER. The Summer Trio.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Eyeliner is an absolute must have in my makeup bag and I will never be without at least two different ones. I don't wear it daily as I like to change up my look a little, but they can run out without any warning and don't tend to last long either. I am also yet to find my ultimate eye liner than is perfect for me in terms ease of application, staying power and colour but these are the three in my collection at the moment so I thought id share with you my thoughts on them.

BOURJOIS. Liner Feautre.
A simple to use wide nibbled liner that is great for drawing that different cat eye flick. I love this felt tip style pen and its ink substance itself. This is all round a good product but all properties of it lacked a wow factor for me. 

MAYBELLINE. Master Precise. 
The thinner nib of this liner makes correcting a mistake easier however as it is thinner, the eyelid line needs at least two strokes in order to make a strong line. Once achieved, this pen has a dark black colour which is great however after around two hours, the liquid transfers to undesired areas on the eyelid which consequently begins to take sections out of your carefully crafted line. This clear flaw and ability to not fully dry is something which puts me off of using this eyeliner in the future if I'm going out for more than an hour.

MAYBELLINE. Lasting Drama Gel Liner.
I can't even begin to tell you how good this gel liner is at staying around all day. After an all day shift at work, my line looked as good as new and even during makeup removal, it required some serious attention. Application however is a little more complex. Once you twist the bottom to release the product onto the plastic nib, you can them begin to spread the heavy gel onto your eyelid. My advise would be however to only release a small amount at a time and to start at the middle of the line and work outwards. This is the first gel liner I have tried and the substance itself definitely sold me, however the applicator didn't so I might have to invest in the little pot and brush set instead.

Which eyeliners are you loving at the moment?


URBAN DECAY. Naked Basics Palette.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

I was lucky enough to receive this lovely little palette for my birthday as you may of seen in my present post. It is my first product and palette by Urban Decay and I was actually so hesitant to use it as to not spoil its perfect and unmarked appearance. However, I have now embraced the need to try it out and I am so glad as the textures of the eyeshadows are so soft yet heavy in pigment. 

The colour range is something I find a little limiting due to the first ones being quite similar, especially 'Venus' and 'Walk of Shame' as they are both very light browns. The 'Foxy shade is a little more yellow than the rest on the packaging photo however its actual palette colour is much more subtle. Other colours in the palette include 'Naked 2' and 'Faint' which are both darker browns and would be great for a stronger look.

I feel with the full ranges having so many shades, they could of done a little better overall on this basics palette. Aside from this, I love each of them but am yet to hit that end dark brown 'Crave' shadow as I'm not skilled enough to use this without looking like I've been out in the rain with a serious case of panda eyes. Saying this however, now I have the palette, Im ready to do a bit of trial and error with some looks that I'm loving at the moment. Eyeshadow alternative looks are also going to be great for the season as eyeliner and its staying power are massively compromised in the summer sun and also on any holidays where you want to be pool-side ready in limited time- this can be great and so easy too.

Which looks have you created with this palette or a similar one?


BIRTHDAY. 22. The Present Post.

Monday, 21 July 2014

So, on Monday 14th July, I turned the scary age of 22. It doesn't feel much different to 21 but I'm beginning to worry more with each increase just what I want to do with my life in terms of career prospects, opportunities and my own personal goals. Also, admittedly, this changing of age was a week ago today so I'm a little late with this post but I thought it would be nice to do anyway in order to share with you the new additions to my collections. 

Birthdays have never really been a big thing in my upbringing but now I'm older, I think I actually see them as a bigger deal and like to make something of the day. Im also not the biggest fan of surprises so many of the gifts I tend to receive have been put on a list previously or mentioned. People like to tell me that I'm hard to buy for so all in all, this is by far the easiest and best way for everyone. No awkward smile pretending you like that spotty frilled hat your grandma got you, how ideal right?

MOONPIG. Bonquet.

NEW LOOK. Sandals. | NEW BALANCE. 373. Trainers.

URBAN DECAY. Naked Basics Palette.

So, these are a few of the things I was lucky enough to receive alongside a bunch of gift cards which I will be showing the results of in some follow up posts, three birthday cakes  (as you can see above) including one in the post which I found most bizarre. Alongside this I also received money from my parents which I will be adding to my 'moving out' fund. 

However, as I mentioned above, surprises aren't my favourite but I think I may be changed as I was told I will be going to Paris in September and visiting Disneyland- my childhood dream trip- so as you can imagine, this was my favourite present ever and I can't wait to take lots of photos there, buy at least three cuddly toys, a princess cup and then show you all after.

Do you have any recommendations for a weekend in Paris?


ALLBEAUTY. The Pre-Birthday Beauty Treats.

Friday, 18 July 2014

This little pre-birthday treat parcel arrived a few days before and I have been waiting for a spare hour or so to grab a few photos to show you the items before I get to finally try them out. I picked up these three all from - a cosmetics and makeup online store selling some absolute steals and also provide free delivery on a minimum spend of £15 which I thought was great. I am also so glad I waited to show you as one thing I do struggle with here on my blog is finding a nice backdrop for my images, but after receiving these lovely pink flowers, I knew they'd be perfect for the job.

But yes, back to the items- the first thing I picked was this lovely Mulberry shade, Maxfactor Colour Elixir Lipstick. I have been loving the darker and more purple shades at the moment such as the MAC Rebel tone and also the Rimmel Glam Plum Fulham tone which I still haven't managed to grab a spare one of! Im yet to actually wear this lipstick to test its staying power and pigment but at £5.50 and a RRP of £7.99, the standard of product I anticipate will be very much like usual drugstore lipsticks but il be sure to let you know when I do get round to testing. 

Next up was a brand new, fresh brush to add to the collection. I am pretty sure out of those reading this post, I stand as the only one who didn't own or hadn't tried out the increasingly popular Real Techniques make up brush range. There was such a gap in the market for a good brush range as I'm forever searching for a trusty brand or nice looking collection and here it is! I have chosen the foundation brush as my first one too as I know I will get so much use of it but with it usually retailing at close to £10 and AllBeauty selling it for £5.95, I wish id bought another. 

My last item in my delivery box was this Revlon Foundation. Admittedly, the title sold me- PhotoReady Airbrush- what a dream, and £4.95 it would be rude not to! They are only being sold on the site in three shades unfortunately but with light skin even in the summer months, I opted for the Vanilla shade which I'm sure will be fine for me. I have such high expectations for this product despite never really trying Revlon before, and my skin has worked so well with mousse in the past. However this product appears to come in some sort of tin packaging which I find slightly odd but we'll see just how it goes...

Have you tried out All Beauty or found any bargain beauty stores you love?


WISHLIST. The Summer Wants.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

12 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |

There are so many obvious 'blogger-esque' wants on this list and the fact I don't already own them is painful. The first of these is the Naked Basics Palette. Im not a massive eyeshadow wearer but its alternative and eye brightening look it can create sold me but I think il just start of with the Naked Basics as it has some lighter and more, well, basic shades. The second item I probably should own as its been on almost every one of my wish lists this year is the MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick, and this one is in shade All Out Gorgeous. Its such a dark colour which will be perfect for glomming up a look for the evenings, but with the prices of many of their ranges going up, is it worth the hype?

Another item which has been massively hyped up this summer is the beautiful range of Triangl Swimwear and their underwear also. However with this hype also comes the reality that many bloggers have recieved free samples to try out. I don't know what it is about this but when I see more free samples than bought sets, it instantly makes me not want to pay a small fortune for an item. Nonetheless, I absolutely adore these styles available and the colours are just so pretty. Maybe if I had a holiday planned though, it might just fall into my suitcase. And if I was holidaying, the ASOS Kitten Style Sunglasses may also be mine but as I have just bought a different pair and barely had a chance to wear them, it would be silly. The kitten style shape with little corners and the tortoiseshell pattern however make these the perfect pair for a fancy summer day out.

If any of you follow me on Twitter, you will also of read about my recent room redecoration. The walls of my room now are white, and admittedly very bright, but now to complete the re-do, I have been looking at some statement mirrors to fill the empty wall. This White Carved Mirror is actually everything I need, its colour is great also so it doesn't overfill the wall but it also has some amazing detailing and is a perfect size for getting ready in the morning. 

Last but certainly not least on this wish list is the ever popular New Balance Trainers. For some reason, the style number on the trainer also represents the increase in cost of each one and for once, I actually only like one of the cheapest styles, the 373. These come in so many colours but the ones above and the navy ones are just perfect. Having tried these on in the shop, I also can confirm that no other shoes I have tried are as comfy as these. What a dream!

Do products that have been heavily promoted put you off or make you buy them?


OUTFIT. Sporting Lace.

Monday, 7 July 2014

I can't believe how long ago my last outfit post was, but in reality, its been a busy few months and any of those glorious sun filled days seem to fall on the work days. Today was no different as the sky is filled with those well known grey balls of fluff that turn up just as you put on a summery tan-worthy ensemble. This exact reason is why I'm still reluctant to venture outside and embrace my first 'on location' outfit shooting moment, well, that and my lack of person to actually take my photo's still. So here it is, my indoor outfit post in my 'middle of being redecorated' home, where I actually have forgotten what my living room looks like with carpet!

I bought these lovely gingham trousers and croc textured trainers recently from She Likes which you can also find in my last haul post (here), and I can't believe how much I've wanted to wear them. The trousers bring such a great staple to my wardrobe as I can wear them with so many of my other clothes. In saying this, I did also grab this lace trimmed cami top from New Look just because I wanted something dressy to go with them and oddly enough, I don't own one strapped top. Other items that I have tried with these are also a pastel pink shirt, a basic black vest and also my royal blue jellies which I absolutely loved as a summery look.

Have you made any purchases recently that you now can't stop wearing?


SHE LIKES. Fashion Haul.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

When I placed this order a week ago, Im not quite sure where my mind was as this is such a bold order for me. For those of you who follow my posts and have seen my previous style posts, you'll know I like to play it safe with plain bottoms as I feel most patterned trousers can made legs look wider, more chunky and to add to that, can also make you look much shorter. Model material right? But anyway, to the picks- After missing out on the gingham trouser when Primark began selling them due to them being sold out everywhere, I jumped on the chance to add these very similar Monochrome Gingham Trousers to my collection when I saw them on the newly found She Likes website. After trying them on however, I was pleasantly surprised at how nice they were and the length was perfect for my height as it sat just on the ankle.

Something else that I got that was completely out of my comfort zone was these Tortoiseshell Round Sunglasses. Im not at all a head accessory type person- I stay clear of hats, glasses and hair accessories- not because I don't like them, but just because they made me feel agitated and uncomfortable to wear. Trust me, if I could accept a fedora into my life, I would! But with summer creeping its way back into England, I thought now would be a great way to try out some new sunglasses and at £5, even if I just can't do it, its not too much of a loss financially and I can happily just have this John Lennon-esque glasses just sitting pretty on my shelf.

My last purchase from She Likes was these Topshop dupes of the Black Croc Trainer SlipOns. Admittedly they aren't much difference in price but since I was ordering from She Likes, I thought I would just get this version as I love the croc texture and look. I massively struggle with shoes and go through stages of living in trainers and then living in pumps and shoes so this stylish cross over of the two types of shoe is great for a quick dress down. I would also say shoes such as this are also a good comfy alternative but these shoes did travel to bristol with me this weekend and cut my feet terrribly as they are a little too big so if you do decide to grab a pair, size down and also carry plasters! 

Hope you liked my mini haul pieces. Have you bought anything from She Likes?