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STYLE. Daytime Disney.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Too much? This t-shirt literally completes this dream disney land outfit for me and I'm in no way ashamed to say so. I spotted it on She Inside yesterday and haven't got it out of my head yet and don't think I will until its mine. At £6.14 too, I honestly don't know whats stopping me. There are also so many other lovely slouchy tops on their site alongside cute dresses and bold, colourful necklaces which I could easily add to my collection and spend out my days in. 

I have also added these slashed knee denim jeans and a small white backpack as I absolutely love them all at the moment and how effortless yet stylish they make an outfit look. This has also been teamed it up with this bold numbered, stretchy white watch which is a great modern and feminine design and a lovely arm decoration that adds that extra bit of fun to the disney ensemble. Last but far from least are these pastel pink shoes that are textured with short hairs and their slip on style make them the perfect walking companion and also add a nice bit of colour into the outfit.

Overall, this outfit screams kiddish fun and comfort to me and I wish this is how I would be spending my day at Disney in three weeks time but sadly, I think I might look a bit keen plus don't think I'm gonna be able to pick up all these pieces in time and whether my bank will let me.


BENEFIT. Cabana Glama Box.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Il be first to admit it but I'm not a big buyer of Benefit products. I absolutely love its gimmicky style, fifties packaging but really, the love ends there. I have had a couple of products I really liked but nothing thats blown my mind or was worth a rebuy at its premium prices. In saying this however, I continue to have their products on my wish lists as I hold out hope for finding a dream product and their newer ranges that feature the Push Up Liner and the BeneBalms are really tempting to splash out on.

The beautiful Benefit boxes the brand also sell I think are any bloggers dream. It gives a chance to test out a few of the products without having to spend a fortune. The sets are also great space savers for those who haven't got much space for beauty products, but they are also ideal presents that look that little bit more substantial than a single product. 

Ive seen a few of their sets in the past but I didn't know this Cabana Glama set existed until I had saw it in Debenhams and now also online. At £28.50, its a good price for getting a reasonable amount of a few of their products and also two brushes for its application. 

The thing that drew me to this box the most was the Posie Tint product. Ive wanted to try it since its release and now I have the chance. The other product in this set which is quite nice is the Some Kind Of Gorgeous Foundation. I have had the full size version of this in the past and found it to have amazing coverage but is very shiny looking so perhaps wouldn't be best for those with oily skin or those with dry patches as it will cling to those unwanted areas. From this previous trial of the foundation, I also found that its ease of application was a little tough and required a good quality sponge to spread evenly or something similar. Realistically though, because of its consistency  I will probably be using this solely for those dark under eye circles and any skin blemishes. But anyway, back to the box, as the last two (technically four) products you can try in this set is the much loved, blogger favourite- the Hoola Bronzer, with its natural tone and matte finish, and  then finally the trio of eyeshadows- Peach Fizz, Bronze Buzz and Cocoa Pizzazz- which are all perfect for creating that simple everyday eye look with a bit of depth through shadow and natural colour.

Im yet to fully try out this set, but I'm willing to put my hands up and say that Im impressed at the thought of being able to create my entire face from one set (minus the mascara) and of course I have no regrets so far as the box looks lovely on my dressing table. 

Would you rather buy a set or buy lots of the full size products when looking for your perfect products?


BEAUTY. 'Both Sides Of The Water' Wishlist.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Given that my previous post was about how to save money and resist the massive splurge urge, I probably shouldn't be writing, let alone posting this wish list. A girl can dream though right? A few of the products in this post can only be bought abroad or shipped into the UK at quite a hefty postage cost, but since I'm going over to Paris for the weekend at the end of September, Im getting my research in as I may just treat myself to something small. Ive also received my staff discount card at work now too which means 25% off a lot of my favourite beauty brands and consequently, now an even tougher time trying to resist it all.

First up is this Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation which I have heard nothing but good things about. The name of it sells me enough as I love flawless coverage with a quality finish and the idea of a double wear definitely has this written all over it.

Im literally at the end of my tether with my hair at the moment and if I can't find something that can tame it and make it manageable soon, I'm going for the big snip. This is where the Bumble and Bumble Defining Creme comes in. I have high hopes as this is such a hyped up brand and has some great product ideas about.

I do already own a contour palette but the Sleek one holds a lot of shimmer in the shades and this Smashbox Contour Kit version looks like the perfect matte edition which would look so much more natural on the skin I think.

When I say I suffer from dry lips, I can't emphasise how bad it gets. Lipstick tends to hang on to this and highlight the flaws whereas this Benefit Benetint Balm looks like the perfect combination of hydration and bold colour.

I have just mentioned the issues I have with lipstick but I just can't give it up! Tarte is a new brand to me but I absolutely love both the shade and the adorable floral packaging of this Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick in shade Salmon Pink.

Probably the most risky of my picks, this Josie Maran Cocunut Watermelon Cheek Gelee was just calling my name. Its bright red colour and shine looks almost good enough to eat but id love to see just how it looks and feels on the cheeks.

Im not a big perfume girl and its just something I wait for as a present when Christmas comes round but I absolutely love this scent. The Issey Miyake Pleats Please Perfume is so fresh and I just can't get over how nice it is. Also, that bottle is just so cute and modern yet different.

Last up on this wishlist is the Nars Satin Lip Liner as I've been after one since reading about its benefits on a post months ago. Time to step up the fuller-lips game? I think so.

Have you tried and loved any of these beauty wants of mine?


TIPS. Money Motivation.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

From the moment I moved back home after my time away at university, it has been my mission to get my own place. This admittedly requires quite a lot of saving and therefore I need to earn as much as I can and spend as little as I can. As you can imagine, this is a lot easier said than done. I absolutely adore new things as anyone does, and my hopes to expand my blog requires this constant influx of on trend things, new beauty products and little visits to fun places. 

With this being quite a tough few months so far, including tears and 'give-ins', I know there will be many more to come. Ive felt the lows such a restricted lifestyle can cause and with that I wanted to share with those of you struggling to do the same thing the tips and tricks I've accumulated that can help to get you through.

First up is the most important of the bunch i'd say and its to use up everything you have and if you don't use it, get selling it. I found a whole bunch of foundations that I loved and forgot all about when I started to trail this tactic. This saves you spending extra on unneeded products and when you get sucked into the bright lights of the cosmetics counter, question yourself, do I need it?

One part of my life that I was most worried about was how I wouldn't be able to buy new clothes. I don't mean this in a materialistic way but shopping for new clothes in how I keep myself happy as a quick fix. Despite this, this whole thing has actually been the surprisingly easy part to the whole situation. My job requires a uniform which obviously isn't great for ones love for fashion but in terms of needing to change up outfits, life becomes so much less stressful. When I do spot a new piece I like online or in the shop however, I won't buy it straight away. Il take the thought home with me and if I'm still thinking about it in a few days, il go pick it up, and if I'm not, I clearly don't need it and maybe it wasn't as amazing as I originally thought. Also, raid your wardrobe, top to bottom, you'll be surprised at how last years skirt has become this years perfect autumn staple. 

As I said at the start of this, my aim is to make as much money as I can and the most obvious way I do this is by working my regular job. This is a great start and creates a stable income monthly, however iv found that selling unwanted items is a perfect way to top up them funds. This can be quite long-winded but definitely makes good use of them empty few hours you get after work one day, and once you get the sales and interest, its brilliant. I use both eBay and Depop for this and although it may only bring in a couple of pounds at a time, it all adds up.

An idea for saving money is bringing back the days at school and making yourself a packed lunch. It may only be a couple of pound a day but that can result in about £40 a month on lunch whereas with making it at home, that amount can easily be halved. By not popping into your nearby supermarket, you also aren't tempted into buying other items and you also can keep your lunch as healthy and energy packed as you want.

Perhaps the oddest tip I'm going to give is to give yourself some motivation. My aim is to get my own house so giving myself motivation involves trawling the home decor sections of Pinterest or even scrolling through RightMove for houses in the price range of what I'm hoping to save for. Il also find my favourite home photo of the week and make it my screen saver so them days when I'm feeling fed up at work or getting tempted to splash out on that perfect pair of jeans- you have that reassuring uplift. This tactic however can be used for many of your money saving targets such as holidays, travelling or even that little dog you've always dreamt of.

What are your tips for saving money?

STYLE. City Break Ensembles.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Its been a little while since my last fashion inspired post and honestly, I just don't know why. I always find things in stores I just love and plan on sharing but I just leave it to long. With this in mind, I've made it my mission to do a sort of style and outfit building post. I have based it on those taking little city breaks over the coming weeks as I think a lot of you seem to be off on travels recently. In saying this however, the outfits put together are more than wearable in this country also and I definitely would be bringing them back for the criminal outfit repeat. 
The simplicity of the playsuit makes it a super comfy option for a day out yet also has the ability to be styled up for a lovely lunch or dinner out if you don't get a chance to pop back to the hotel. When travelling in another country, a bag that is easy to keep on you is essential and a backpack such as this one is a great size and also brings a nice pop of colour and shine to your outfit. Walking around all day is also going to be a given but to do this in style, find a pair of sandals or shoes that you know will not be rubbing or causing blisters throughout the day. These white sandals are great to use as they bring the happiness I get with a bit of extra height while still being really easy to walk in.

This second outfit is a great alternative if the weather isn't quite what you hoped heading into september or if baring all with your legs out isn't something your keen on doing. A pair of ripped jeans in either black or blue bring a bit of style and casual-chic to this outfit and the cropped bardot striped top is just a nice feminine touch. Finding a good fitting version of this top however is key as an ill-fitted barbot could leave you rearranging and pulling on your top all day and thats not fun for anyone. The sandals pictured also look ultra comfy as they have a flat sole and an ankle strap which will be better as you won't get as much toe strain when trying to keep them on. The last piece in this outfit is the gorgeous brown/mulberry coloured faux leather backpack which is a great size for keeping a jacket and your camera in for your sight-seeing day trip.

What have you learnt about what not to wear on city break day's out?


BEAUTY. The Handbag Essentials.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Ive done posts on my makeup bag favourites and my beauty go-to's before, but I was yet to show you the products that live in the little pouch in my handbag. These are not necessarily my favourite products but are the smallest versions of each product that I typically use on my face daily or to keep up hair up and out of my face. 

Ive also tried to picture my little square (-ish) handbag makeup bag as I love it. I bought it months ago in the H&M sale for £2 without a purpose for it and assumed it would sit in my room unused until the day we parted in a mass clear out. How wrong I was eh? Its been one of them items I now can't live without, its such a perfect size, easy to use and lovely designed bag. The faint leopard print is initially what drew me to it as it looked pretty but not overly tacky and lairy. Love live my little plastic pouch!

Carrying round an entire makeup collection isn't at all practical for me since the main place I go to is work and with that comes bad lighting, toilet mirrors and tiny lockers- I therefore try to keep it to the bare minimum. When I go out and about, admittedly, the bag I use to hold it all tends to bulge a little as I panic pack, but Il save that collection for another day. So, here it is- my nine strong list of essential handbag products:

1. Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation in Soft Beige- Great for covering those dark circles.
2. Wilkinson Watermelon Lip Salve- Cheap, cheerful and amazing smelling.
3. Maxfactor Smokey Eye Effect Eye Shadow- The white end is great for brightening eyes.
4. Maybelline Master Precise Eyeliner- Not the greatest eyeliner but good for touch-ups.
5. Maxfactor Lipstick in Pink Brandy- An orangey pink shade with lovely moisturising feel.
6. Dior J'adore Mini Perfume- A lovely scent for freshening up midday.
7. MUA Blusher in Marshmallow- Great for adding a bit of colour to your face.
8. Primark Metal-less Hair Tie- The ultimate must in any bag.
9. Primark Long Hair Grips in Black- Forever losing these so back-ups are a must.

What beauty bits can you not leave the house without in your bag?


Picture Personality #3 - THE HOME.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

This was such a good post for me to put together at the moment as its slowly hitting me that the likelihood of me moving out again this year is small, so this little 'dream home' post has installed some much needed motivation within me. The inspirational pictures I've found below are literally so inspiring for interior design, sadly however they are probably just a little too optimistic for my first house plans, but one can dream right?

Some of my favourite designs within these boards actually led me to be quite surprised at what I like however it definitely has brought out my love for home design and the influence of colour on mood and period style. 

Hope you enjoyed this post despite it being a little different. What looks and style do you love within your home?