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BEAUTY. The Mainly-Makeup Autumn Haul.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

If I haven't already spent all my money before payday actually comes round, one thing I like to do is have pop into Boots and have a little play round with the new products and any new colours for the season that I haven't tried before. So, this was exactly what I did yesterday. I like to hold out for the offers that are regularly on also and this month it coincided well which meant I could pick up a few new products at a fraction of their normal and occassionally rather overpriced retail value.

One product I have been after for months is a lip pencil as the colour bleed from lipstick can get really frustrating and I have read that by using a pen first, the longevity of the lipstick is improved which is an all round winner to me if that is the case. The Maybelline Colour Drama range has received some great reviews recently and has also been compared to the ever popular Nars Lip Liner. The creamy texture it had when swatched is also a nice change to the scratchy application I've previously encounted which isn't a nice feeling at all when drawing onto skin. Despite some amazing colours in range, I chose to pick up the shade 310 Berry Much which is a subtle purple and is definitely a great autumn shade. 

I couldn't buy a new lip pencil however and not find a dark lipstick to match. Rimmel is no new brand to me but admittedly I have never tried anything from their Kate Moss Lasting Lipstick collection. They have been around for quite a while which I can only assume is a positive comment on their success so when I saw the lovely shade 30- a deep burnt purple, I was happy to give it a go.

A couple of other products Ive picked recently are Rimmel's Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation which is so far so good, and also their Wonder'full Mascara in Black which I'm yet to try out but after seeing the brush style, I have no doubts at all. Last on my haul list is the Baylis and Harding Sweet Mandarin and Grapefruit Hand Lotion which I might add smells beyond amazing and has a nice little spot on my desk for a bit of morning or after- shower hand rehydration.

What lip colours are you going for this autumn?

The Paris Photo Diary. The City & The Sights.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Lets face it, thinking it would be okay to climb the spiral staircase to the top of the Arc de Triumphe at the start of day was never a clever idea. Wearing heeled sandals to visit all the sights in Paris was also not one of my brightest moments but nonetheless, it happened and I loved it. The view from the Arc de Triumphe was amazing- the perfect tree lined streets, the eiffel tower, the cute little juliet balconies that shone from every building- it was just lovely to see and we were also lucky enough to find that entry was free which was definitely a bonus. 

From here, we heading down the back roads towards the Eiffel Tower where we discovered the best ice cream I have had in years and also found a little place selling freshly made churro's, so naturally we just had to have both. From this moment, the heavens opened and the rain became torrential which meant my time at the eiffel tower was very short lived and photos just weren't going to happen, but did however mean that I was able to spend more time shopping in the stores on the Champs Elysees to avoid the rain.

One store I was determined to visit in my time in Paris and is like any beauty blogger would say- Sephora. From the moment I saw the rows of products, lights and colours inside, I was beyond excited, however as I began browsing and seeking out the products I had prepared myself to buy, the realisation of it was that not only did they not seem to have the ones I was after, the cost of the products were so much higher than here due to the french cost of living being much higher.

Overall, my time in Paris was one I wouldn't change and I will without a doubt return to visit new places and new areas as soon as I can for a longer period of time. On my return I would also aim to make it to the Louvre before they close entry to the museum and a little bit of day planning would be my biggest tip to anyone else having only a short stay. 

Do you know of any underrated areas in Paris that are great for food and shopping?


The Paris Photo Diary. Disneyland Park & Village.

Friday, 26 September 2014

I turned 22 in July and I received the best surprise I could of ever asked for. I am the first to put my hand up and say that you can never be too old for Disneyland or to get a feeling of happiness when you spot Minnie Mouse. This was my first experience of both the park itself and Paris at all for that matter. I was there for a long weekend and that was all it took for me to feel a little bit sad at the thought of leaving when the Monday came round.

The main purpose of the trip was to spend a day at Disneyland so this was how the Saturday was spent however we got to the hotel pretty early on the friday so there was still lots of time to explore. We stayed at the Kyriad Hotel which is no more than a five minute free shuttle bus ride away from the park. It was the most ideal location with it being close enough to not worry about late nights or early mornings, and was honestly such a simple yet lovely hotel to stay at overall.

Disney Village is accessible to anyone as it requires no ticket so we spent much of our spare time wandering round this area or grabbing lunch here as it was essentially our nearest town as such. Although there wasn't a great deal of choice here and all were in the same price ranges, we were lucky enough to chose an amazingly themed american diner as pictured below. I have a huge thing for 50's american design with pastel colours, jukeboxes, roller blades and neon signs so I was obviously in my element here.

After over 13 hours in the park, from 9am until gone 10pm, my feet were well and truly tired and my bed was calling. I had got all the rides in bar one- yes I'm a wimp when it comes to certain ones- and had also managed to see the parade which was surprisingly exciting. However, the best part of the day for me was definitely the finale which I would advise anyone not to miss as the firework display was just the perfect end to the day and the clever projections of the characters onto the castle through the water fountains was just indescribable and would definitely convince me to come back again.

I had hoped to get a lot more photos on the day however with only my iPhone on me and not my camera, and with there being an insane amount of people, it just didn't happen and I began to just allow myself to enjoy the sights and hoped instead they would just stay in my memory for a long time, which I'm sure they will.

WISHLIST. Berry & Blue's.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Berry's and blues, knitted and leather textures- yes, its getting to that time again where wrapping up in cosy jumpers and weather proof boots are a daily must. This is my transitional wish list where I've includes the seasons must have colours, shapes and textures taken from the first few days of the beautiful pieces and street style displayed throughout London fashion Week. I have used these aspects to create a small board of some great high street staples which are both affordable yet able to be changed up and reworked for day after day autumn and winter style.

As much as I detest rain and dark clouds, theres just something about fluffy socks, snuggly scarves and coats to hide your unflattering food baby that I just really enjoy. The gorgeous pastel fur collared coat would usually not be my style but after spotting it on the lovely Sarah Ashcroft here, its probably now top of my favourite coat list for this season. Another garment I am absolutely adoring this season is the lace bra. Its something out of my comfort zone but I'm amazed at how flattering it seems on those of us who weren't given a large bust- finally something for us less endowed girls eh?

Which of the coming seasons looks are you looking forward to embracing?


The You Beauty Discovery Box.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Magazine subscriptions, fresh food deliveries, beauty boxes- I've never been fully convinced on the weekly or monthly subscription services as my fear of tying myself into contracts ended after my two year iPhone contract where I had my phone stolen after a week and had to continue paying anyway. As you can imagine, I'm now very sceptical when it comes to things with a contract and lengthy terms of conditions.

I first saw this You Beauty box on twitter where a blogger was promoting getting your first months box free as a trial and then having the ability to cancel the subscription if you wasn't satisfied. How could this be a problem? Well, me not reading those small conditions (as we all tend to do often) was the problem. The trial which I seem to have signed up to was for a minimum of three months- three months of a box of mini samples which I can pick up for free anyway, lucky me. At £6.99 a month, admittedly things could be worse but fingers crossed, the lead up to christmas does good things to the contents of this beauty discovery box.

To be fair to the box, it has got a full size Toni & Guy Volume Plumping Whip in which smells amazing and seems to have a great texture which I can see has the ability to provide the hair with quite a lot of body . The miniatures that are also in the box are the Germaine De Capuccini Excel Therapy Defence Cream and Rose Hip Oil which looks great and will without a doubt be tested on any of those pesky scars and dark spots that creep up. The other product I quite liked within the box and something which gave it some substance was the Nutrilips Colour Lipstick. Im yet to try this out but the colour is a subtle brown which is perfect for an everyday autumn look and if its as moisturising as it claims to be, we will get on just fine.

Within the box is also a couple of sachets of fruit tea- which is like drinking weak juice to me, a round makeup sponge plus a very generous gift card of £25 for Hello Fresh- another subscription company. It would a shame to waste this voucher, but do I dare risk another companies membership terms and conditions?


The Blog Starter Kit.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Blog Name. 

First up and oddly the second most important thing to me is the blog name. It just says so much about you as a writer and blogger. I'm sure that all of us who spent our post teen years with a shameful and cringe-worthy hotmail address will agree that at some point, that letter-turned-number thing just won't look cool as it once did and that somehow, a nice simple username would of been so much better in the long haul. Well, this principle works the same for blog titles. During your blogging-life, you will at one point regret the chosen name of your blog- whether it be because you've typed it out for promotional use time after time, or actually because that catchy name now seems rather lame- its bound to happen. So before you jump into the blogging world, give it a little think and even do a bit of research on what you think works about other blog pages.


Content is one side to your blog that will change and develop as you do. However, definitely something you ought to consider when starting up your blog and most likely will of done already is what your main topic is and the category you'd ideally like to fall into. It is important that to decide what types of posts you want to do but this is certainly dependant on what you want to gain from setting up a blog- development of self motivation, a love for writing? My blog began with its main focus being on fashion due to my degree being in this field and it being the one field I knew I had a strong passion for. This was rapidly short-lived for many reasons and even though its influence will never be forgotten or lost, it allowed me to seek out other areas of interest and also learn more about my personal style. From delving further and seeking out my own style, the wider area of beauty became to appear more and more here on my blog and I haven't looked back since. However, this just shows that as a blog grows, content grows also, and where your strengths lie will shine through. Try not to stray too far however, pick a general topic as to not confuse the readers and allow your audience to grow with that.


A lot of bloggers tend to opt for a minimalist design with a limited colour palette, with many even keeping monochrome as the sole theme though out. This style both looks fresh and clean, but also draws attention to your content and photographs. If you are more of a creative person or are of a more daring personality, you could try something with a stronger style but be sure to make the design easy to navigate and clear as many blog readers won't waste time finding the content, or even finding a follow button and therefore definitely won't hesitate to hit the little cross in the corner and move onto the next blog page. HTML coding is a tough thing to learn so don't dismiss the thought of redesigning your page either- browse the internet for easy to install templates or youtube videos are most certainly going to become your best friend.


Even if its not a big strength of yours, photography is definitely one thing that you should work on developing throughout your time as a blogger. It is a key part of blogging as it's the first thing your viewers will see when they're reading your blog. I think of it like the way I turn the pages of a magazine and only stop when a pretty image and then get sucked into reading the article- its never the other way round. This is a prime example also of why many of us aim to keep backgrounds clear so that you don't distract from the actual focus and the colours of each photo really pop. When preparing your photographs, don't focus too much on what you use as iPhones and digital cameras can give amazingly clear shots, but one thing i will say is to learn your device- know its flaws and strengths and work with them. White backgrounds within photographs to display products clearly are a favourite, but can look very generic so be experimental with fabrics and textures and keep your eyes peeled for things around the house with complimentary colours or designs.


HOME. The Multi-Purpose Candle.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Candles and me don't exactly have a loving relationship, I rarely buy them and I think other home accessories such as lamps and cushions are more my thing. In saying this however, once I saw this massive glass pot candle in my nearby TK Maxx store I fell in love. Il put my hands up and say that I would of bought this if it was just an empty pot as at £6.99, it was an absolute bargain. The fact it had a large amount of candle to burn inside was merely a bonus to me and when I say it was long lasting, I'm talking over a month of candlelit evenings. Admittedly, it wasn't a very strong scented candle but who can pick holes in it for that price eh?

The holder itself has a bubbled effect on the outside and is has a sort of ombre effect of silver and metallic teal all over. I wasn't quite sure if the product was damaged at first as it also has specks of paint missing but this part of the design I think works really well and looked amazing when lit as the light shone through. All these various design features on one pot and the size of it, make it such a statement piece for any mantle piece or coffee table.

Once the candle was finished, as you can imagine, I had no intention of tossing it aside. Once washed and de-waxed, I began thinking up alternative purposes for it such as a utensil holder in the kitchen, a pen pot or my desk or even a nice plant pot for the garden. I decided on however using the pot for my makeup brushes in my bedroom. I don't actually have a wide selection of brushes for my makeup so I'm beginning to feel like the pot is a little big and spacious for this. My solution for this though: buy more brushes- any excuse eh?

What would you suggest using this pot for?