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STYLE. Winter Berry-spiration.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

This deep purple tone is the ultimate colour of the season this year. Clashing it with a bright cobalt blue or pairing it with a a wooly jumper can create the perfect contrast in either colour or texture. Embrace it. Pick up that long winter coat in this warm shade, add a flash of the colour in the form of a scarf or even just finish off cosy, wintery outfit with a bold berry lip colour.

How are you putting this berry colour into your winter wardrobe?


The Style Blog Roll.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

That Pommie Girl   |   The Little Magpie   |   Charissa Rae

Just a quick post today to show a bit of appreciation for those few bloggers who constantly keep me coming back to their pages and are causing me to have lengthy wish lists on nearly every website going. Admittedly, I have so many more than these three blogging icons but I'm hoping to get another tab on my page bar up soon so I can share all of my favourites. 

Sarah Ashcroft is relatively  new on my blog roll but has inspired my wardrobe from that first post. Her wearable and stylish ensembles are always on trend and in keeping with the season and with them legs, she could make anything look good.

If there is one blogger who I cam only dream of swapping entire wardrobes with, its Amy Spencer. The Little Magpie was one of my first blog finds and ever since, her photographs have stolen my heart on numerous occasions, and as it has grown so considerably over the months, I can't help but see her as a true inspiration in the blogging ladder. The ultimate sassy city chic- who wouldnt love her?

Charissa Rae is another of the pages I forever find myself on. The wearable and feminine style portrayed through both smart and casual outfits is perfect and backdrops of these pictures never fail to impress either. This girl next door style and way of writing makes Charissa a great blogger and makes for an easy reader-blogger relationship.

Have you got a blog you always find yourself heading back to? 


STYLE. The Wardrobe Rebuild.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

So, you have made the decision to step up your throw-away fashion game? You want to stop wasting your money on those quick, low quality purchases and impulse buys, and reserve your closet for higher-quality garments that perfectly fit in with the style you're comfortable with. But, if your like me and your entire wardrobe needs a major overhaul but you can’t afford to buy all the clothes you need at once, what do you do?

Begin by putting together a small list of about 6 pieces that are versatile and have a big impact on your look and that you can also pair with your less-than-perfect pieces while you work on the rest of your wardrobe. Think about what your day to day activities are too and how many times you need the piece in a week. These pieces will tend to be your go-to staples on days where you don't know what to wear. If chosen well, your starter kit should already give you much more wardrobe confidence and many more options of outfits that easily put across your personal style. Lets face it, a confident person in an average outfit will always look better than a person with great pieces but no confidence in styling, let alone, wearing them. This tactic will also give you a bit more time to save up some money to further upgrade your wardrobe and reduce the temptation to go back to old habits. These better quality pieces you're gradually accumulating will also serve you for years to come and consequently through the fast paced changing of trends. 


When I look at my wardrobe currently, the pieces that are reached for most are the plainer more simple pieces. When looking at my list also, I think we can all see I have a hard to break obsession with black, but if its what makes you happy, embrace it. When analysing it closer up however, it becomes evident that there is a lot more too it. The bottoms that are top of the pile are the better fitted jeans and those of a similar skin tight feel. These are the ones that give me confidence and are great with almost any top or jumper which is great for having as a staple piece. As I just mentioned also, perhaps a loose fitting top and slouchy jumper are also great staple pieces for an all year round wardrobe. Admittedly, these options aren't going to be in-fitting with everyones style but a plain casual top in a neutral colour is perfect for those dress down days alongside that perfect, good quality slouchy jumper that just hugs us on those days were you need a little comforting. 

What would you put on your re-wardrobing list?


BEAUTY. The Dark Lip Duo.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Featuring in my beauty haul at the end of last month, I had high hopes for these two lip products and when I say they didn't disappoint, I mean it. The Kate Moss Lasting collection lipstick in shade 30 and the Maybelline colour drama lip pencil in Berry Much are the products used to create this look and are both highly accessible drugstore buys. At just under £11 for the two, can you resist going for a dark lip colour this coming season? 

The colour you see on both the pencil and on the lipstick look very purple but with more of a creamy hue, however, on application this is not so much the case. Both colours are actually much darker and the small sticker on the bottom of the lipstick is a much closer indication. There is also a slight raspberry and pinkish hint to the products which is lovely and definitely is an added bonus to me as this is my most favourite colour. Halloween appropriate some might say, but honestly, I now can't get another of this colour and with the help of the easy-application pencil, the end result is literally amazing and a perfect statement colour for brightening up your face. 

Used together, the duo have a lasting result of around 4 hours which is pretty impressive, however with a good bit of lip salve hydration before application to help out the lipstick and its quite dry consistency,  it has even got to me to 6 hours. Impressive for a high street duo, don't you think?


BEAUTY. The Lipstick Collection. Winter Edition.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Left to Right. 
Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Collection | 30.
Maxfactor | 685 Mulberry.
Calvin Klein | 31145 Mulberry
Rimmel | 170 Alarm.
Maybelline | 547 Pleasure Me Red.

I do occasionally commit the lip colour season crime and bring my brights into my winter face but more often than not, the plums, reds and purples are my ultimate go to shades for the colder months. I absolutely adore the darker colours in both clothing and this follows over no doubt to my beauty and makeup collections. Theres just something I feel is so much more glam about a darker lipstick and when styled up with snug scarves or a big fur collar- I am all over it. Dark shades aren't great for complimenting some skin tones but I feel it really lifts my face and oddly enough brightens up my complexion. Having a darker or bolder lip colour also definetely detracts attention for any unwanted dark circles or that pesky spot appearing so if you reach for anything in a rush on the colder mornings of the winter months, make sure its one of these lipsticks!

Do you have any recommedations I could add to my winter collection?


BEAUTY. Dark Lip Tips.

Friday, 3 October 2014

While nude lips is a great day time look and involves some timeless shades, sometimes a pop of colour is in order to brighten up the face or to tie in that red belt or bag into your monochrome ensemble. This summer has been all about really pigmented lip shades with even choices such as neons, greens and oranges being accepted into the market which has consequently led us to have more fun by making bold statements with the mouth. With these bolder shades however comes a whole new way of application and they aren’t as easy to apply and go as we would of hoped. Nobody wants that blurred lip line and the messy look- cleaner, perfect lips are where we need to be with this, but with a bit of preparation, a steady hand and a few minutes of added time, it'll be second nature in no time.

The Preparation.

Some of us have naturally hydrated lips, and then some of us aren't as lucky and after a couple of hours, dry patches begin to cling to the product making a very uneven colour distribution. Make sure that whatever you have, you keep your lips in tip top condition when opting for lip products and especially when using bolder shades. Using a good lip exfoliatior like the Lush lip scrub where the sugar particles will gently slough off dead skin leaving a soft and plumper lip area. The application of a moisturising lip balm is another of the must-do things as it will keep the soft texture of the lips for longer and will help to avoid cracking and also makes any lipsticks glide on easier. A good lip salve is definitely a must for your handbag also to get you elegantly through the day.

The Outline.

Im new to this whole step myself but now I'm in, I can never face jumping back out. Lip liners are great when worn under brighter shades. By applying in a matching or very similar hue under the shade your using, you are able to lock in colour for an extra few hours at least. By drawing in the shape, it also allows you to exaggerate your shape and cupids bow, but please do not take this too far- be realistic and try not to draw your lip line too much as it can look very 'blow-up-doll'-esque. Take your time with this stage, its important.

The Colouring In.

Admittedly, i'm a 'straight from the stick' kinda girl but I'm aware of the positives that many of you get from using a lip brush. Whichever way you prefer, make sure your comfortable with smooth application as a more controlled way of applying colour will always look cleaner and better. Start by applying the shade to the centre of your lip and then sweep outwards, blending and creating shape. Finally press your lips together to blend out the sharp line on the inside of the lips for the perfect darker, bolder pout.

What are your tips for getting the perfect dark lip?