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The Batiste x Missguided Competition Win.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

So, many of you will read this post and think, 'why do I never win anything'? I can't blame you, I've done the same on many occasions but somehow my luck changed this week... Even now, I can't quite believe I'm writing this post and telling you about the wonderful prize that I received as a result of winning the recent Batiste x Missguided Competition on Twitter. Getting the initial tweet and the follow up email congratulating me was a little surreal and upon reading what I was to receive, to say I was beyond excited would be an understatement. 

A goody bag filled with a crazy amount of Batiste goodies arrived at my door on friday and you can now safely assume that my hair will remain fresh looking and amazing smelling for, honestly, probably years to come. The products already fill my room at home and get taken with me on my weekends away as my hair saviour, but to now have the opportunity to try all of the different scents and versions is exciting, especially the plumping powder and conditioning spray which I've never even seen before! However, the excitement didn't end there and as you may of guessed from the title, the collaboration of brands also meant I received a more than generous voucher of £250 to spend online at Missguided- my ultimate go to site for affordable yet stylish pieces- the dream, right?

I think it was less than 48 hours after receiving my voucher for Missguided and after a lot of deliberation and choosing that I placed my rather large order. Trying to get an item from every department was my initial aim as it was the perfect opportunity to improve and step up my style in every area of my wardrobe, but admittedly I got sucked into my usual habits and picked pieces that I knew id definitely get wear out of. This ranged from pieces such as oversized knits, printed shirts, boxy t-shirts and chunky boots, all of which pretty much sum up my autumn/winter ensembles every year without fail. 

A couple of the pieces I picked unfortunately aren't quite me however much I hoped they would be, so I haven't featured them in this post but I shall do a little update post and a much more detailed Missguided haul if I'm able to return them and pick some alternatives over the next couple of weeks.

BEAUTY. Big Hair, Bold Lips.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Did you ever think that a beauty haul post could be quite so small? The day has come though and I've actually finished a hair product rather than getting distracted by another half way through. This however means I needed an emergency hair tamer since my Natural World Moisture Oil is now fully drained and can no longer help my mane through its post wash drama, and using Coconut oil more than once a fortnight is leaving me looking far too greasy for anyones liking. 

This Umberto Giannini Curl Friends range has a few types of products from the usual shampoos and conditioners to an oil spray and also this styling cream. Styling creams seem to be creeping up recently with great reviews among the curly haired community and this is actually the first I've come across.

Following the instructions provided on the tube, I washed my hair and let it air dry for around 10 mins as it tends to hold a lot of water usually. From this, I separated and detangled it using my fingers as hairbrushes are a big no for curls as they create frizz opposed to a nice hair bounce. With a small almond amount in my hand, I then worked it from the mid lengths to the ends of my hair, paying special attention to the fringe area as this is my driest patch. Once applied and dry, the shine and the more defined curls was definitely evident, and it also felt a lot more workable and soft. With so many benefits in this one product- I now seriously feel I need to try the rest of the range however. 

Whoever said I don't need another orangey red lipstick- how wrong you are. This Mayfair Red Lady shade in the Moisture Renew Rimmel range has been calling my name since forever.  The cool tones in this colour look good against my yellow skin undertones and its now become my favourite type of bold lip for both day and night. Honestly, I didn't at all anticipate adding another lipstick to my collection but I needed another product for my Boots 3 for 2 after my styling cream and an eyeliner rebuy and it was just too easy. 


The Tips For Longer Legs.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Whether it be staring endlessly at the catwalk models pins or dreaming of that summer body we never actually achieved- we can all agree that a pair of long legs would never be turned down if they were getting handed out. Some of you reading this probably already have the perfect pair of legs but from having to look down at them everyday, they always appear unsightly and 12 inches wider than they actually are. However, for those of us who aren’t naturally blessed with long model-like legs, do not give up as you’ll be surprised at how a few simple styling tips can take your legs up to the next level. Yes, literally.

Reach for the sky.
Its probably something many of you hate the thought of and also the most obvious of the tips but I'm going to put it out there anyway. Wearing a pair of heels will always elongate your legs and give them that extra few wanted inches. Now this doesn’t mean ridiculously tall stilettos but the bigger the heel, the longer them legs are going to appear. If you do opt for a smaller heel however, make sure the style of shoe is slim as a wide, chunky shoe can leave your ankles looking larger and they are which then gives the opposite look to what were going for.

What Shoes?
If you’re looking to elongate your legs you should lean toward the most neutral ranges of shoes that match your skin tone as closely as possible. Whether this is in a matte textured suede or even a patent style, both can work just as well. The idea behind this is that it’ll make your shoes disappear into your legs, therefore making your legs look longer. This illusion is fail proof and works for any leg shape so keep your eyes peeled for that clever bit of styling next time your out in the evening or even on the commute to work.
When mentioning shoes, its also important to remember that an ankle strap or similar design feature will cut off this leg illusion so keep it simple and clean with the styles. Less is more in this case.

Going Up
We've tackled giving the illusion that your legs go into your foot space, but why not the other way? When trying to get spaghetti legs, opt for a high-waisted pieces such as a skirt or high-rise jeans. Because these styles start higher up, you’ll automatically get the illusion of longer looking legs with the added bonus of a smaller waist and more of an hourglass shape than you'll get in a top and low rise jeans.

Summer Slim
One reason we all don't mind slacking on the holiday body workout is that we know that we all will look so much slimmer and healthier with a good bit of summer glow. A little extra colour will make any set of pins look longer and leaner. Whether this means booking a last minute holiday, brushing on a bit of highlighter or using a self-tanner, if your legs have that bronzed finish they’ll immediately look a lot longer.

Do you have any tips that you swear by to give the illusion of longer legs?


BEAUTY. Mini-Clinique.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Samples are the perfect way to test a product out to see if it is correct for your skin type or even the right colour for instance. This way you can save money by buying products that you know you'll love. Little tester pots or mini versions of a product are also great for discovering new products that you didn't know you needed in your beauty regime before. 

These two Clinique sample products have caused exactly that scenario to happen and now one of them finds itself being very close to the top of my christmas list.Most of the time, samples pile up in a box in my room and never get used as they're just so fiddley and small but with these test products, they are more than generous. The next couple of weeks are most certainly covered for lip balm and face cream and even testing their long term use opposed to just the initial reaction is possible.

The Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief both has a beautiful light pink colour and a soft gel like texture which makes it so simple to apply. With it being a sort of gel creme, a small amount also goes a very long way which is another good reason to splash out that little bit further for this skin dehydrator. When I say further, I mean £34 for a 50ml tub further, but with how soft it leaves the skin and how it acts just like a lightweight primer before makeup application, it sort of seems worth it?

The other product being tested further these coming weeks is the Clinique Chubby Stick in shade Super Strawberry. This product has been a gift in a couple of magazines over the last few months I'm sure but with not being a magazine reader after being a blog reading addict, this free gift never came in my possession. Now it is however, and now its getting to chapped lip season, its the perfect time to use it. When its cold out, lips become sore and dry and lipstick can sometimes add to this dehydration. A coloured lip balm however solves this problem. The colour here is sadly a little too similar to my actual lip colour and therefore it isn't quite what I would be after, however the easy to apply aspect of it and the longevity is something that will tempt me to try out another shade.

Do you get samples before buying a more expensive product?


WISHLIST. The Black Boot Edit.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

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Theres nothing that completes my winter shoe closet more than the perfect pair of black boots. Chelsea boot styles are the ones for me and Im not afraid to admit that I'm not going out of my comfort zone when it comes to this. Sometimes I stare at the pictures on Pinterest and wish I could but I'm not at all a knee high boots kinda girl despite them looking amazing with a good winter coat so naturally I've missed out of my wish list this time round. Usually, I do aim to keep them as simple in design as possible to get the most wear of them however recently, I have been loving the patent croc look and the added benefit of them then being water resistant is going to be great for the rainy days,weeks and months that we know is soon to be upon us. It is this reason that I do tend to stay clear of suede effect versions and keep them beauties for autumn or the very start of winter. 

A good pair of black boots is the ultimate staple and can be worn with almost any outfit. For this reason investing in a good pair is a must. One tip I always have for picking my heeled boots too is to ensure the front of the sole isn't too thin as this will without a doubt leave you with rather achey feet. When choosing a pair, it is also important to check that the width of them isn't too thin for your feet as if they aren't leather, the chances of them stretching with your foot isn't likely.

One consistency you may of spotted within this little collection of boots is that they all have either a heel or cleated sole and heel. Winter for me can leave me feeling very frumpy and so layered up that I'm looking obviously very snug, but also enormous. I tend to try and balance this out by adding on a few inches to my height which in turn lengthens the legs- making them also appear thinner- and also balances out the shape of your body by adding something chunky to the bottom as well as your thick knit jumper covered top half.

What do you look for in your winter black boots?