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The 'Beauty Bits' Competition Win.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

What better way to brighten a day than to come home from work to this little parcel! Quite honestly, I had completely forgot that I had this little delight on its way to me so I can't even explain the joy it brought me on opening it after the week I had had.

Around a month ago, I got some exciting news from the lovely Antoinette that I had won her twitter giveaway- yes, the second prize in the one month! Being the lovely person she is, she had also included an extra gift of one of her mugs featuring her blog name which is unbelievably fancy and well designed, and now also has pride of place on my shelf.

In the parcel was also a beautifully coloured Rimmel lipstick which will be perfect for christmas festivities and the winter months. This Kate Moss range is one of my favourite ranges as it has such good staying power and just the right amount of moisture. The timing of the parcel was amazing for the second present also as my eyebrow pencil in now no bigger than inch long and getting a good shape with that is almost impossible. Lets just say that this piece of makeup and pencil has never been more needed than it was and I'm super excited to try it out.

I couldn't possibly end this post either without telling you how amazing the blog Letters to Antoinette is, and that if you're unfortunate enough to not of encountered it before, you must go and visit it straight away. The fashion and lifestyle posts are perfect reads and the photography alone is definitely enough to draw you in...


Christmas Gift Guide | Her Stocking Fillers.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

I promise I don't have an obsession with pink despite what the main theme in this little stocking filler gift guide shows. When it comes to picking stocking fillers, many stores just put in whatever items they deem perfect for a girl, boy or child. Stocking filler gifts to me are primarily determined by price and in my experience tend to be items under £10. These can be anything from our day to day necessities such as makeup brushes and soaps, to little homely bits such as candles or cups. A majority of the stocking however is always filled with an insane amount of sugary supplies such as chocolate coins, sweets and those good ol' cadbury dreams.

What do you love finding in your stocking on christmas morning?


Christmas Gift Guide | My Picks.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

I think its done. I actually think that all my christmas shopping is complete and its only the 3rd of december. The wrapping is yet to commence but its sitting waiting to cover the massive stack of gifts I have built up in the corner of my room. This is the exact reason that my blog has been a little regleted recently- because any free time I have had has been spent in the shops or socialising. Any computer time I've been able to grab has also led me to find myself scrolling through countless websites in search of the perfect gifts. Amongst this however, I have also found myself some things (as you do) that I just had to put on my list and now can only dream of receiving. 

Over the coming few weeks, I also plan to add to this list and little series but compiling other essential gift guide categories such as a list the males in your life and even any nice  stocking fillers I have come across.