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The Foundation Line-up.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The differences there are between foundations is crazy. Some we love, some we hate. Some that we hate, others may live by. I guess its all to do with what we need from our foundation and our types of skin and its this aspect that I find fascinating.

The foundations that are here are all ones from drug store brands as I never like to compare two that are too far apart in price as its not a fair match. The five here are all around the £10 mark, some more, some less, but all very accessible. When comparing them however, I will be basing it on personal experience and from a dry combination skin perspective so if this isn't you, and the description actually sounds like something that would suit you well, don't be afraid to try it out. 

  Maybelline FIT ME Foundation : 5.5 out of 10
An average all rounder and everyday foundation with a medium coverage, however the shade range are more for orange tinted complexions and have never been quite right for me or those who are light skinned.

  Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum : 8.5 out of 10
A perfect complexion enabler with medium coverage and a soft feel. A small amount goes a long way and with a good range of shades for most skin colours which perfectly caters for my skin and its more yellow undertones.

  Rimmel Match Perfection Nude : 6.5 out of 10
A medium coverage foundation with good build-able coverage, however can be quite drying to the skin in places. This also needs touch up's during the day is your complexion is patchy naturally. The colour range for this product also leans more towards those with orange tinted skin.

  Rimmel Stay Matte : 6 out of 10
A heavy type of foundation due to its matte quality but this can also cause darker patches around drier areas. Perfect for those under eye dark cirlces however and for using temporarily as a concealer on spots. This however may be the perfect solution to those of you with oily skin looking for a less dewy look.

  Bourjois 123 Perfect : 7 out of 10 
This Bourjois foundation is a medium-thick liquid that dries sort of like a powder as it has a matte finish which clears away any signs of excess oil or grease within the skin. The slight powdery finish feels light on the skin, and luckily looks so far from cakey or unnatural even when layered on.

Which are your favourite foundations? 


The Three Stage Base.

If there's one part of my makeup routine that I concentrate on more than any other, its my base. Even if i'm going to slack out on all other aspects, making sure my skin is prepped and primed is vital. So, here it is, my current go-to trio for the perfect healthy and dewy skinned look.

When I wake up in the morning, despite usually moisturing after removing all my makeup the night before, my skin feels dry around my t-zone and looks rather dull. The first product I then reach for is the Clinique Moisture Surge pot filled with all its reviving goodness. I reviewed this product here when I first tried it and fell in love, and I still find it to be the best face cream I've tried even months later. This usually requires a couple of minutes to sink in properly before I then move on the next stage.

I used to read so many people swearing by primers and I admittedly thought you were all just trying to buy into yet another step in the get ready routine. But, I take it all back. I don't know where my base would be anymore without a nice primer to leave the skin even and soft. The one that's currently holding my attention is the Bare Minerals Brightening Primer as it has a slight colour to it which begins to even out my skin tone. I would however also recommend their original primer as this has a slightly heavier consistency which leaves skin smooth and with a velvety feel.

The final stage in creating the base of my makeup is of course to apply a foundation and currently that is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation. The primer and this serum foundation really compliment each-other. many may be thinking that this is going to cause an absolute moisture and shine overload but this isn't at all the case. It leaves a light and dewy skin appearance and one that stays all day without dark or dry patches appearing.

What products do you use before applying your foundation?


Watching O.B.

Monday, 26 January 2015

The most beautiful watch yet I'm still taking my phone out of my pocket to check the time. Its hard to break habit but I'm almost certain that this amazing Olivia Burton watch is fast becoming my most used accessory. From the neat little box it arrived in to the embossed branding on the inside on the watch- every detail just completes this  must have add on to any type of style.

I have known about Olivia Burton watches for a few months now and have been drawn towards the simple and fuss free design. This style is my ultimate favourite, and from its online photo to it now being in my belongings and on my wrist- I haven't stopped admiring it. Its light strap and bold yet clean numbers on the face make it the perfect statement piece to wear with almost anything and any time. 

Whats your favourite watch brand at the moment?


The Define & Conquer Kit.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

When it comes to contouring, theres those who can sculpt their face with an outcome of strong cheekbones, perfect colouration and lets face it- a face that doesn't at all resemble their own- and then theres those who use it just to bring that little bit of definition and shape to their face. Im more of the latter- simply using a small amount of bronzer in my makeup routine to strengthen my cheekbones. When having quite a round face, this technique and trick is a god send and can amazingly also send you out of the 'baby face' zone. This thing that I love about sets such as these however is the lighter powder that accompanies this- the highlighter. Without this, my face can end up appearing too dark and very dull. The highlighter both enhances the bronzer and makes the cheeks appear prominent, aswell as brightening the skin; making it about healthier and cleaner.

Not all brands seem to of joined in on this contouring technique as finding a new kit to replace my now well-used Sleek set was near on impossible if you're not planning on hitting the more expensive side to the market. Ones that have been recommended include the Soap and Glory powder which I have found impossible to get hold of, and also a couple of products that involve picking up a bronzer and highlighter separately which I find to be a bit too fussy for an early morning makeup throw-together. This set by Seventeen however ticked all the boxes. What more can you need? The whole thing is perfectly simple; theres no unnecessary add in products and the packaging is completely fuss free. It does host a small mirror in the lid however which is always perfect if you plan to carry it in your makeup bag. 

Do you have any contour kits you love?


The Anywhere, Everywhere Product.

Friday, 16 January 2015

We've all heard of it and I'm pretty certain we've all grabbed it at some point when some last minute plans pop up and our hair needs a refresh and a bit of a lift.  Many brands have released their own versions of dry shampoo but for me, no brand compares to Batiste. The product itself, the availability, the range of scents and even the price- its an all round staple product for hair. Coming in a large, medium and mini version, the Batiste Dry Shampoo becomes perfect for any lifestyle especially if you're always on the go and can easily just pop one in your bag for a mid schedule refresh. A small spray into the roots from a short distance away lifts the heavy shine from your hair which therefore gives the just watched look. Top recommendations for scented versions however would definitely have to be the 'Oriental' or 'Blush' choices as they are subtly floral and therefore leaves both a fresh feel and scent on the hair for hours.

Have you tried any hair refreshing products that you love?


The Plans For 2015.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Cue the new year, new you post. We all do it. Mine is a little later than most but this is how long its taken me to think about if I'm honest. We all get to the first day of the year and plan to be better people- to look better, to be better. But without achievable plans and being pro-active in how you'll get there- they just won't happen. Nonetheless I've made myself a list of things I want to happen in the coming year and somehow they all link together too which should help get the ball rolling. I have also written just how I plan to get to the point I want to be at which both helps with feelings of failure and to actually feel like you're one step closer to success. 

New job.
To say I'm not happy in my current job would be a lie, but at my current rate of pay and my unreliable work schedule- it just doesn't leave space to live life and has also meant that my blogging hobby has been pushed to the side. A new job could also mean a career following from my recent graduation which would feel like it wasn't all for nothing. Living only a short trip from central London would be any fashion hopefuls ideal home but for me and my recent lack of success in job hunting, I've come to the sad realisation that this isn't the place for me...

Moving Out Across.
Since moving home from university, it has always been my intention to move out of my family home as soon as I could and with now my plans to move cities and to the south west- I find myself flicking through both the job search tab and the flat rental tab at every opportunity. When making such a dramatic move, you can't have one without the other, so with this double search comes double the stress.

Theres people plastered all over Instagram at the moment travelling all over the world. Theres some setting themselves up for a life in China, others spending months backpacking through Asia, and then theres me- working 5 days a week and looking forward a day where I don't even have to get out of my pi's. This year I plan to leave the country at least once. I don't mind where to- just as long as its somewhere new and exciting with the added benefit of a hot climate perhaps? What better way to motivate myself for that fitness regime eh?

Fitness First Second. 
With added stress, all my spare time used up and a leftover bag of junk food hanging around in the corner of my room- the thought of even eating well or joining a gym doesn't bode well with my energy levels, let alone my bank balance. Whats the point in making a goal for now if its not achievable and you don't want it enough? But trust me when `i say that literally the moment the first two plans fall into place, il be running to the gym every night to sort out my expanding body. 

What blogger doesn't want to expand and gain more readers over time? Id be lying if I said I'm happy to just settle for what I've got here so far. My blog is the ticket to so many aspects of my life- my hobby, my career and even the social aspects it holds. Over the year I hope to post more by organising the posts whenever I can and typing up more than one or two at a time as this seems to be many peoples more effective way of staying on top of posting regularly. As my original main topic, this year I also plan to do a serious sort out of how I'm going to achieve my fashion and outfit posts again and making them something I am proud to share.

What do you want to make happen in your life for 2015?


Best of 2014 | Beauty.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

How I'm doing this post- I don't know. I can't even remember what I bought last month let alone for the last twelve. This post is more about the products that I haven't just pushed to the side this year and ones that have really caught my attention. There is a couple more that I haven't been able to add in as they're awaiting a rebuy but I shall still list them below as I think they deserve a mention for helping me through 2014.

So, here they are, my 2014 beauty favourites:

Batiste Dry Shampoo.
A perfect pick me up for any flat hair day drama or for a lazy mornings run and go. The amount of scents available in the products are also great, with the oriental one pictured being probably my favourite. Lucky for me also, I have enough to last me through 2015 also after winning a bundle giveaway by Batiste in November.

Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara.
This was a product I wasn't too keen on at first, however, I have come to love its qualities and the way it both curls and coats without clumping. It is however not the easiest to remove in the evening but I see that as a positive also as it means it won't drop or fade after a long day.

Umberto Giannini Curl Friends Styling Cream.
When I say that this cream has changed my hair routine, I mean it. Once bathed and my hair is brushed, adding an almond sized amount to my ends brings back my curls but in a tamer, softer and more controlled way alongside the most an amazing smell also. 

Clinique Moisture Surge.
As only a tester pot, I haven't been able to see the longterm effects of this face cream however I don't doubt its abilities for one minute. Its light texture leaves skin soft and has similar qualities to a primer in how even and oil free it leaves the skin also. 

Rosehip Oil.
In my first ever beauty box was this small sample of a rose hip oil. Never had I thought to try it before and I never really thought it would do much however with skin so prone to scarring as mine, this oil reduces redness overnight and can even tame spots in a couple of hours. 

L'oreal Eyebrow Pencil.
As a newbie to the eyebrow pencil brigade, this is only my second one to try and I absolutely love how easy it is to use and its longevity unlike the other one tested. If you haven't get crossed over to the statement and strong eyebrow gang- make sure this is the one you come in with.

Urban Decay Naked Basics.
It was actually christmas last year that I think I received this lovely palette which you can find here, and each day since, the shades have been worked into my makeup routine. Now if that isn't good value for money, I don't know what is.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum.
Again, Ive tried and tried but sure enough, I keep reverting back to this serum foundation. Its even disruption and its staying power are perfect. It could do with having a better build able coverage for use it red or patchy areas but thats nothing a bit of concealer can't fix.

Maybelline Color Drama Pencils.
You know you love a product when you decide to add two of them to your set up. In actual fact, four of these pencils exist in my collection as the colours are just so perfect.They have been compared many of times to the NARS pencils also so at a fraction of the price, its hard not to love them. This is definitely a product that you didn't know you needed until you bought it too, and now I just can't live without it. 

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick.
The colour of this lipstick matches perfectly with my darker Color Drama lip pencil so together, its like wearing a dream. The perfect amount of moisture, no smudging and comes in a great range of shades- this Kate Moss lipstick is the perfect drug store priced product to add a pop of colour to your lips.

Bare Minerals Primer.
And finally, the product that I use so much that I have none left and not even a bottle to put in my photograph. Its translucent appearance, velvet feel and quick absorption time is perfect for my rushed morning routine and keeps any foundation even and soft looking. Currently I'm using a product from the same range- the brightening primer- but unfortunately this isn't as good as the original so il definitely be re-buying soon!

Hope you liked my top picks of 2014 post and have loved some of the same products as I have. What are your favourites from the year?


Gifts | The Non - Clothing Bits.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Its the 2nd of January today and I'm only just putting up my christmas bits but in reality this is the first opportunity I've had to do a bit of blogging in a couple of weeks. This is  my first post of 2015 and was definitely the priority post before it gets a bit awkward with timing, so I'm just sharing a few of the lovely bits I received this christmas. I decided to do the pieces that aren't clothing such as beauty and home bits however, as the clothing gifts were more essentials I was after rather than fancy new season pieces.

So here they are, my lovely new bits that I can't wait to fit into my makeup routine or my day to day life. Some of the pieces are oddly enough some of 'firsts' such as the candle- yes, I've never owned my own candle- and also my first try of the Topshop makeup, my first actual lunch box and even my first ever nice watch by Olivia Burton which I can't stop looking at. The other beauty products in my little bundle are two lovely pastel nail polishes, the brightening primer from Bare Minerals, a top up of my Rimmel Stay Matte foundation and also a nice collection of Body Shop products from body butter to lip salve to the amazing light cream from their Vitamin E range.

Hope you all had a lovely christmas break and best wishes for the new year.