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The Drugstore Brands Beauty Haul.

Monday, 23 February 2015

If I tell you where a few of these products were from, you might not believe me. Even I couldn't quite believe what I was seeing. Both the Rimmel Apocolips lip laquers and also the beautiful grey nail polish in shade Cuppa Earl Grey are actually from the well known bargain superstore of Poundland would you believe? I had wanted to try the Apocolips range since their release but was very sceptical about how good they would be for precision and longevity and therefore couldn't justify paying the Boots price of £6.50 for one. So, as you can imagine, when I spotted a few of the colours at a £1, I just had to pick up a couple just for the product testing. The two I chose were this deep red and also a light pink, however I can't seem to find any shade details on the product so I hope the pictures do the colours the justice they deserve.

Another thing I've accumulated this last week is the highly recommended Collection Lasting Perfection concealer which is a very good buy at just £4 to cover those unwanted dark patches and spots. One gripe I do have this product however is the colour range as the medium shade is rather dark and the fair, which I bought, is just a bit too light and therefore needs a lot of blending.

If you hadent heard before, Boots recently was holding a promotion where if you spend £12 on Bourjois, you can receive a lip product free. Wherever I pick up a makeup selection on a promo day, you can guarantee at least one of these products will be a lip product so with this promotion, I was saving a bit of money compared to other offers. One of the actual things I bought to get the lip product was a pencil sharpener. not the most glamorous buy, i know, but its just one of those necessary bits we all need in our collection and this duo version in pink was just perfect for the job. The free product however is the more exciting bit here as it was one of my favourite drugstore types of lipstick- the rouge edition range. The shade I picked up is the perfect everyday colour and very much reminded me of a pinker but also better priced version of the MAC Velvet Teddy lip colour that has been sold out everywhere for over a month thanks to the beauty that is Kylie Jenner. 

Last in the haul here is the new product from Maybelline, the Lash Sensational Mascara. In a weird sort of way, I know i'll like a product more if its in this curved sort of bottle. It kind of suggests a more brush type wand and more actual product- two things that help sell me on a mascara. Im yet to actually try out this mascara and prove my theory but you can expect a full review here as soon as its tested. 

Have you picked up any newly released beauty bits recently?


The Clinique Skincare Focus.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

One thing I enjoy doing since starting to delve into beauty on my page here is to occasionally look through what's available from brands such as Clarins, YSL and other similar companies. Any new products that might be worth splashing out on, any new must have additions to my routine or even a new shade of my favourite products; it was from this that I discovered this Clinique set and it really grabbed my attention. The products in this are large which may of been a special promotion for the festive season but its something that I find to be quite rare in these type of counter brands. Another thing I really liked in this collection is that the products were things that I use regularly without going out of my way to create a high maintenance skincare routine. No-one wants a set when you don't want half the things inside do we?

Clarifying Lotion |
The only other product I've used that is similar to this product is the Garnier Micellar Water which I loved. This product however cleans a lot more throughly, leaving less residue on the skin after. Clinique has been shamed by a few people for the heavy use of chemicals in their products and Il have to say, this is quite true of this one as after use, the skin feels quite tight and oddly dry which is unusual for a product labelled a lotion surely?

Liquid Facial Soap |
Not quite sure Ive ever seen it called facial soap before but nonetheless, this face wash has a soft non-exfoliating feel which made me initially think I wouldn't notice any difference in my skin. How wrong I was. The skin is left soft and more moisturised than most other face washes I've used.

Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion |
Im not quite sure why, but the packaging for this little bottle makes me happy. Its such a simple yet nice shape, and the bright yet natural shade of yellow is such a pretty and enticing colour. The product itself provides a good level of moisture to the skin but unfortunately isn't the easiest to work into the skin. Its heavy texture means it sits on the surface for a little while and is no way near as effective in moisturising and erasing dry skin as their Moisture Surge product- my go to facial dream cream.

What do you look for in your perfect facial moisturiser?


The Happy Things In Life.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Moving Out
With this recent job hunt comes the relocation bit! My boyfriend and I decided that March would be the month we moved back in together after spending almost a year back in our family homes to save up a bit of money. Now it has come to that time however when we've realised we actually need to start enjoying life together and doing things we've always wanted, opposed to focusing on finances constantly. I've been collecting little home bits already as its something thats kept me going, so the photograph above is of a lovely little bear picture that I picked up from Debenhams that I can't wait to put in my new home. How adorable is he? Ive also waited all this time to do my Ikea trip and pick up some cute homely bits so I'm more than ready!

Fitness & Health |
With the house move comes my new goal to become healthier. Since I will be able to control my own diet and buy the foods I want, which I currently don't do, I definitely think it will be easier. As I'm still working my way through the christmas chocolate feast in february too, I can also safely say I won't want to be seeing another piece for at least a few months. With this health change however, I also want to get back into exercising and join a gym. Im not unhappy with my body or current weight, however I do always look at myself and wish I could improve certain areas so Im using this fresh start as my chance to do this. 

Close Ones |
Although this to me is merely a handful of people, I am extremely grateful for the health, success and happiness of my family, boyfriend and closest friends. This is one thing I take for granted far too much but I'm sure I'm not alone in this and realistically many of you are now probably thinking the same? With my plans to move away from my family soon as I mentioned above, staying in regular contact and coming back to visit is something I must do regularly as these people are my world and without them, who knows where or even who we might be...

What are the positive things in your life that keep you happy?

The Travel Bucketlist.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

At the current age of 22, I've travelled to very few countries and would desperately like to change that. I need to see new places, try new things and see sights I've only ever seen in photographs or as I'm pinning them to my pinterest board dreaming that one day they will happen.

Currently a lot of things are on my list that I am saving for but I really need to make sure travel doesn't get pushed aside because of it. With little responsibilities in my life currently, now is the time to go explore. Maybe. Hopefully. But yes, I thought I would write my bucket list, as such, of a few destinations that would be an ultimate dream for me. I did limited myself to five however otherwise you could be reading forever. Most of them may appear rather cliche too admittedly, but lets face it, theres a reason they appear on almost every travel list- they're amazing!

1. America 

I sometimes think about what life would be like if I moved to America but then reality hits me in the face, so il just stick to the state-hopping dream for now I think. America is a very large place, I know, so more specifically, the places that i'd like to explore are New York, Florida, California, Texas, Hawaii and Las Vegas. 

2. Italy 

So many places, so little time. Milan, Rome, Sicily and Venice definitely come to mind. Plus, I need to try some true italian pizza and pasta, please!

3. Mexico

This seems to be a pretty new must see place but recently it has been popping up all over Instagram and social media and the photographs, sights and whole feel of the place seem amazing and somewhere that needs to be checked out without a doubt. Plus, lets face it, its another of those countries with the best cuisine that you just can't compare to.

4. France 

This year was my first ever trip to france and I feel that the few days in Paris I had didn't quite do the country justice so its only fair it receives another visit. There are many more places within france however that would be great to see such as the south of france and maybe even a more mountainous region if I ever overcome my fear of heights or learn to cope better in the cold. 

5. The Caribbean 

Probably never going to happen, but a girl can dream right? A lovely long cruise over to the caribbean would be such an amazing experience and definitely one of those places where you could forget about all the stress in life and just take in the views. Maybe i'l leave this until I'm retired and have a lot more time on my hands though..

What's on your travel bucket list? 


The Guide to Eyebrow Maintenance.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

The emphasis in this last year is stronger than ever for eyebrows. There has been a considerable rise in those of us who undergo eyebrow treatments in order to create our desired style. This has also led to the increased availability of these methods such as tattooed brows to HD brows. But, let us not forget the key part and foundation of eyebrow styling which is the initial hair removal and consequently the shaping. 

When it comes to eyebrow shaping, the three main methods that are most common are threading, waxing and plucking. I'm a user of two out of three of these methods and I thought it would be a nice idea to share my experiences of these for those wondering which is the best for shaping and creating those dream brows whether that be thick, statement brows or a simple, narrow pair of rounded brows. 

You may come out of this treatment with a red forehead and feeling like your skin has been ripped off, but my god is it worth it. Your eyebrows will come out feeling perfectly shaped, clean and all stray hairs will be gone. Each hair through this method is taken from the root which means that up to three weeks later, you won't be seeing them make a reappearance. 

Probably the best method for clearing up your brows if there is a few stray hairs ruining your smooth lines, but if you plan to use this method all over for definition, you could be there a while. This method also seems to be the hardest for precision and also means they come back a lot quicker than any other method listed here.

Having heard good things about waxing, I'm actually still yet to try this out through fear of taking off my entire brow. Waxing's strong selling point however is its amazing power to keep the hairs away for weeks and for leaving a smooth skin surface underneath. However, a downside to this method however is the difficulty in getting a clear and precise shape to the brow so you may find yourself touching it up with a bit of plucking after. 

What is your ultimate brow maintenance secret?


The Topshop Beauty Range Set.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Seriously, how have I never added any Topshop makeup to my collection before? Topshop is my go to place when I feel like seeing what kind of trends are about, but unfortunately for me, I don't live in close proximity to one of their stores so I rarely pop in there to pick up new bits for my wardrobe. When I do get to visit however, I always get drawn in to their beauty stands and spend a little while just admiring the freshness and simplistic design of the packaging. The amount of choice in products aswell as the vastness of shades within the beauty section is definitely surprising to me too as, as we all know, it is primarily a fashion store, so their expansion is without a doubt a pleasant bonus.

The duo pictured within this post however is a lovely set that was received as a gift and I couldn't be more grateful to finally be able to say I've tried and tested their products and can now add it into my collection at last. Within the set is a beautiful orange tinted blush in shade 'head over heels' and a dark purple lip colour in shade 'wicked'- both of which are perfect, and are colours that I have been wanting to try out for a while. Now both have been tried, I can also now say that both products are completely un-faultable as they are so easy to apply and are surprisingly hydrating, which also means they can also stay around for hours without clumping. I never thought id see the day I could sum up a blusher and lipstick in one sentence but there it was- short and sweet.

What products have you tried and loved from this range?

The Missguided Haul of January.

Monday, 2 February 2015

I completely understand why many bloggers now do their haul posts in video form as making clothes look attractive without putting them on is near on impossible. This was initially scheduled to be my test attempt at creating my first youtube video but time has not been on my side and I wanted to get them up before too much time had past and they were no longer available. So yes, I really do hope my attempt here at capturing these lovely new pieces does them some justice.

Missguided recently seems to be top of everyones list as they're just doing the trends so well with pieces that are extremely wearable. When I say wearable too, I don't just mean simple or basic, I mean well designed and of a good quality which is very surprising given the price tag of pretty much everything in their catalogue. From the beautiful photos I have seen taken of their SS15 event over the weekend too, they don't seem to be holding anything back from their lines as the upcoming pieces look fresh, amazingly perfect and completely me. But anyway, back to the haul, and some of the pieces I picked up from both the sale and new in sections...

First up on this little haul list is some gorgeous heeled grey buckled boots. I initially looked past these on the site as they didn't look quite my style. Stepping anywhere outside the dark coloured clothes and footwear takes quite some concentration and a lot of consideration on my part but after seeing Sarah from That Pommie Girl style them up in one of her outfit post, I fell in love. After this and finding that they were only £18- straight into my basket they went. I am however yet to wear them as Im terrified at ruining them in bad weather, but I'm not at all worried as they can easily be worn all year round and are a staple in any upcoming seasonal trend.

Next up was this snug waffle knit jumper in the new in section of their site, because lets face it, you can never own enough grey pieces of knitwear. Admittedly, its not the most flattering of jumpers as despite being a 'small'- its massive and its sleeves are a little too wide. But other than this, its a super cosy and warm jumper for those casual sundays to team with some skinny jeans and brogues.

If this next item isn't the most perfect and stylish interview or smart attire piece, then I don't know what it. I absolutely adore this striped monochrome cami. Sleeveless pieces do tend to put me on edge as I'm not usually one for feeling comfortable with my arms out but I just had to have this. Paired with a blazer and some heels, this chiffon top just puts a bit of style into the outfit without going too over the top with patterns and colours.

Playsuits to me are just the perfect length. With that length comes the perfect proportion of body and leg- a look that most dresses to me just don't achieve and leave me looking  short and feeling quite frumpy. This navy wrap playsuit provides me with just what I need to feel good and therefore is the perfect outfit for both going out or paired with some tights and pumps for a little lunch trip.

Who are you looking to for your SS15 wardrobe change-over?