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The Babyliss Boutique Curling Wand.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Theres so many ways to curl your hair at the moment that I can't seem to keep up- theres the traditional rollers, then theres the heated versions and even ones you can sleep in! In addition to this, theres then the trick of using the hairdryer and hairbrush or even just a pair of straightens to curl your locks. If like me however you're not the most skilled with this, then you'll also be reaching for a more simple curling wand such as this Babyliss Boutique Curling Wand

Curlers to me give a more definite curl and is without a doubt a faster and more effective curl creating option. If over used however, you can end up resembling a type of poodle, but if you go in with the mentality that 'less is more' you'll be fine! The wands with a guideline are a great option for those looking for a heavily curled look or for those starting out, however if you are looking for a looser wave or more natural look then reach for a product such as this one inch barrel alternative.

Babyliss is such a big seller in the beauty electronics department and this product just proves why. Its so simple to use and with the variations in temperature for different hair types, its great for so many people. With this being my first try of this type of wand however, I was sceptical as to whether it would leave me with pinterest worthy hair. After the first few tries and a limp looking clump of hair, I was close to giving up but with one last try and after holding it on my hair for just that little bit longer, I got the exact look I was going for (and definitely didn't walk around my house flinging it around). Admittedly however, the look I achieved and loved with this was after I had straightened my hair first so if you have wavy/curly hair naturally too like me, be prepared to give up almost 2 hours of your life!

Overall, I absolutely love the look and effortless curls this Boutique Curling Wand gives me and without a doubt will be getting it out whenever I have some time to get ready. Hopefully in the near future I will get another 10 minutes post-curl to grab a photo and show you the results, so keep an eye out for that too! Did I also mention that this product comes with a 5 year guarantee- how could you ever fault that eh?

What method do you use to curl your hair?

The Top 20 Blog Post Ideas.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Today I actually sat down to write some ideas for upcoming posts as with other commitments recently, I've been feeling a little distracted from my blog. Bloggers block is the bane of any bloggers life and with reading this a lot on some of the recent chats over on Twitter- it's something that I think every blogger struggles with at some point or another. 

Deciding what to actually write about and finding a starting point to spark ideas off can be a challenge so I thought I'd share my list of my 20 best blog post ideas and ones that I love reading to get your creative ideas rolling back in!
  1. Wish-lists - show us what you're loving from your favourite stores at the moment!
  2. What's In My Handbag - emergency snacks, and all!
  3. Favourite Blogs - what blogs do you spend your time reading?
  4. Shop The Stash - not bought anything new? show us the old things you still love!
  5. Top 4 Products - whether its a mascara, watch or shop, what are your favourites?
  6. Morning Routine - rushed or lazy sunday, what is your routine for getting ready?
  7. What To Splurge On - found a lipstick that worth the £60 you spent? Tell us!
  8. Evening Routine - yes, even that lengthy pj selection process you have!
  9. Tips For Increasing Traffic - everyone likes to see development- whats are your tips?
  10. Best Instgrammer's - who's photos is it that inspire you?
  11. Bedside Table Must's - too lazy to get out of bed? what do you keep close by?
  12. Holiday Bag - which bits and bobs can you not be without for a week?
  13. Interview Attire - business attire can be so dull- how do you spruce it up?
  14. Beauty Brush Guide - how do you use the countless variations of beauty brush?
  15. How To Style An Item - are you brave with your style choices? share your secrets!
  16. Photography Tips - perfect lighting, perfect composition- how do you do it?
  17. Desk Essentials - what are your must haves for a productive desk day?
  18. Travel Photo Diary - been on a trip where you took some great photo's- share them!
  19. Organisation Tips - do you go list crazy and prep like theres no tomorrow?
  20. Style Inspirations - who do you look for for style tips and fashion inspiration?
Hope these ideas help to inspire you and your next post. I am also currently compiling an even bigger go-to list so if you have posts that you always get drawn to and love to read, please leave a comment below- I love to hear your thoughts! 

How do you overcome bloggers block?

Seeking ElleJay.

The MAC Pro Longwear Foundation Review.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

I did it. Probably a bit late to the party but Ive probably been eyeing up the MAC foundations for about two months and could never bring myself to justify the price tag without knowing how good it actually is or how it will look on my skin. Having a browse in the store usually ends in me either buying another product or leaving being depressed about how I don't already own everything. My birthday however was a different story- I had a massive 'screw it' moment after finding out what shade I needed and grabbed a bottle.

As I was told by one of the consultants in there, the Pro Longwear foundation is more long wearing than the Studio Fix version and also is a little more oily also. With dry skin being a common occurrence for me, I steered away from the more matte base of Studio Fix as I have make this mistake too many times before and therefore went for the alternative choice of the Pro Longwear foundation. From the consultant I was also able to find that my shade was NW15 however this tried on top of my other foundation so I wouldn't say it was completely accurate but it works for me. 

Having now tried it a few times, it now feels like a good time to tell you my thoughts in a bit more detail. If you follow me on Twitter also, you may of seen my tweet about whether others have come out in spots after using this product. On my first trail of this foundation I had used it as an all over base after using my usual primer, however after a day at work I had come home to find a couple of sore spots on my chin. This isn't a place that I usually get many spots so instantly I have suspected the foundation as it does have quite a heavy consistency and therefore could of blocked my pores in that area. Since this occasion I have bravely used this foundation all over my face except this area and so far have not had any further issues which is great news!

The Pro Longwear foundation itself comes in a price of £25.50 which is just under double what my usual base costs me. If I was to compare them however I would say that the MAC product is overall a better one due to its longevity, coverage and shade choices especially if this something you usually struggle with. But, if you do suffer from sensitive skin, I wouldn't necessarily think this would work wonders for you based on my own skins reaction but I have recently found out that you can pick up samples from the MAC store if you're considering giving this a go.

What are your thoughts on higher end foundations and their value for money?

Seeking ElleJay.

The Footwear Newbie.

Monday, 20 July 2015

This post was originally going to be a sort of birthday haul type post but with it now being a week since I turned 23, its both a little late and not always the best received type of post. Therefore, instead of this I am going to pop up a few posts over the coming weeks and show you the new bits that have come into my possession and just how much I'm loving them. With that in mind, my first post here is featuring these beautiful and much needed trainers.

Whoever thought wearing trainers could be so popular again and on trend eh? Nike Roshe Run have become such a loved style over the last few months as they are unbelievably comfortable but also a much less clumpy, heavy alternative to many trainers on the market at the moment. The most worn and perhaps even over worn trainers I own are the New Balance 373 editions in grey and pink so receiving these more subtle, black trainers means I can now mix it up a little.

Initially I wasn't sure about the thin fronts on this design as it looked a little different to what I was used to but once on, this feature isn't as visible as anticipated and in fact actually looks quite nice and makes it so much more comfortable for when your toes bend when walking like I did on their first outing involving a full day shopping in Cardiff. 

These trainers also come in a variety of colours however if like me you're not too keen on going full-on casual sometimes, picking up these black, white and silver versions will make styling any outfit so much simpler and stylish!

How do you style trainers into your outfits?

Seeking ElleJay.

The Summer Tile Print Bikini.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Having seen this bikini online and after falling in love instantly, I just knew I had to order it. I don't have any summer holidays booked or planned for this year yet but I just didn't need an excuse to buy this.

I'm quite fussy when it comes to bikinis since I'm in the flatter chest part of the community so finding a style and pattern that doesn't draw attention to this or make me look like a boy is priority. When I came across this style however I instantly thought it could work as the model on the website looked as if she was also maybe a similar bra size to me. On receiving the bikini however, I couldn't of been more wrong. A size 8 in this bikini is potentially suitable for someone with a bra size of a 32D as anything smaller just leaves an odd space that cannot be disguised easily.

With this in mind, I have had to return this perfect bikini unfortuantely, but am on the lookout for anything else in this print as it is so pretty and would definitely look great in the summer with a golden tan due to the white background colour and bright blue pattern.

The bikini itself however is a great style and quality so if you are lucky enough to have a chest size that fits this style- definitely head over to Boohoo and pick up this Brazil Tile Moulded Bandeau Bikini !

What brands are you loving for swimwear this year?

Seeking ElleJay.