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The House-Rabbit Survival Guide | Part 1

Friday, 18 September 2015

Four months in and I'm still first to admit that little Mia is still learning and so am I. Alongside this, I've also come round to except that I will never have a home without cardboard boxes with bits of hay all over the floor ever again. Nonetheless, although its been a tough and frustrating journey at times and there will be many more moments like it to come- I couldn't imagine not having her as part of my family.

The First Stages.

This part completely depends on how old your bunny is when you get them and where you adopt/buy them from. In our case, Mia was bought from a Pets at Home store after only been in there for less than 24 hours. When selecting a rabbit however, its best to do a bit of research as to which rabbit breed you are after and the personality differences of male and females. We were also told by many people that having two rabbits is best as they get lonely and bored if left for long periods of time, so if you aren't able to dedicate a lot of your time to your little bunny- considering a duo would be best. If like me however you will be able to, and are happy to make that commitment, then I can assure you that one is absolutely fine.

Before making the final choice on rabbit however, I would also suggest watching them for a little while. Rabbits, like any animals, have very clear personalities and a shy, hesitant one could leave you with a very timid pet and one than is scared to even be stroked. However, there are also ones on the opposite end of the scale that appear to be very energetic and carefree which could also end with you picked your rabbit up off every piece of furniture you have. Once you have seen one, be sure to handle them and see their reaction. Don't be too put off by this as rabbits aren't known to be the cuddliest of pets anyway and a young rabbit can be quite simply trained to become more used to being handled and petted.

The Home-Proofing.

Before even deciding to get a rabbit, you would of decided as to whether you would be keeping your new pet outside or inside. Due to the lack of outside space, and the numerous horror stories, we decided we wanted a house rabbit. If this is what you have in mind also then accepting that you are opening up your home and all your belongings to this rabbit is the first stage. As a house rabbit it is important to not only provide your rabbit with their own cage and place to sleep, but also a safe space for them to run around in when your home and available to them. 

Having a place for them to stretch their legs definitely sounds a lot easier than it is however. Very early on we discovered that laminate or shiny flooring is not a rabbits best place to go- with their claws and lack of grip, Mia spent a lot of time panicking when she couldn't run. Once she learnt the art of it about two months in she was great however it is still evident that carpet really lets her enjoy herself and run freely. With this however, you  then face the issue of them digging or chewing on this which is both frustrating and expensive as they don't seem to learn otherwise. Ways to reduce this issue however is to lay down cardboard or unwanted carpet scraps for them as this then takes their attention. With any item like this however, they will need constant supervision as a large intake of such materials can be bad for their stomachs.

I hope this has helped to clear up any questions you many of had if you are also considering adopting a rabbit. Don't forget to check back soon too for the next installment of this series which will include information of their homes and cages and also about the diet of a rabbit (whoever knew that bugs bunny is the only rabbit to actually truly love a carrot eh?)

Seeking ElleJay.

The St Tropez Gradual Tan Moisturiser.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

I know lots of you will be wondering why I’m reviewing a fake tan when we're just coming out of summer and holiday season. The answer is that I never seem to see much of summer. Whether it be because of work or just not gathering enough funds for a holiday- I always seem to come out of august wondering where where its gone. So unfortunately I have to turn to the bottled alternative from time to time, because I can control the type of tan I want and also because, lets face it, it’s much cheaper than a plane ticket! I haven't had that many successful experiences with actual fake tan in the past however have been a lot more intrigued by gradual tanners recently so why not reach for the best there is?

Because I’m admittedly the laziest beauty blogger ever, I also decided not to exfoliate before giving this St Tropez Gradual Tan Moisturiser a go. I decided my skin was fine and I’d just go for it and all would be well, right? Well, I was half right at least. First of all, the process of actually applying this was amazingly easy and quite relaxing. The product itself is really moisturising and the texture is nice and light just like a regular cream, so it was stress free and easy to apply all over. But heres where you might find an issue- the cream is white in colour however it applies clear so becomes hard to know where you’ve applied already etc so naturally I covered myself in it, waited about 5 minutes for it to dry and become less tacky and then got dressed.

The next morning before my shower, I was happy to see that a nice medium tan had developed over night, with no streaks on the bedding or my clothes and not even a whiff of that fake tan smell lingering around. Due to my lack of exfoliating, a few darker patches showed up on my leg and wrists, but nothing that a bit of light scrubbing in the shower couldn’t fix. I left it on for about two days without applying any more and showered as usual to see just how well it would perform. The results showered that it actually has good staying power too and faded away nicely without going streaky or patchy which was one of my original worries. So, lets face it, why would I not be amazed by this? I can’t believe how easy and effortless this was to use, it gives such a lovely even tan all over and literally took about 5 minutes to apply!

What are your thoughts on gradual tanners?

Seeking ElleJay.