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The 9 Style Queens of Instagram.

Friday, 30 October 2015

It makes sense that the blogging industry has fully embraced Instagram as we're constantly surrounded by great things- things we want to show each other by taking photos and saving the inspiration and I guess Instagram just makes this process a whole lot easier for us. Still, there are a few people who are just better at it than others, lets face it.

Pictures speak a thousand words, right? Well, these instagram accounts speak a thousand more. Constantly keeping me not only inspired, they also make very jealous of not only their photography skills but also their wardrobes, lunches and effortless style. Anyone can post a photo on this ever popular social platform, however from trying to maintain and grow my own, I've learnt to fully appreciate the skills and struggles of achieving this and creating a show-stopping theme that just works.

So here they are, my ultimate favourite instagrammer's and queens of the photo upload:

I'm forever finding and seeking out new accounts so please don't forget to leave yours in the comment section below, and also let me know what it is that you love about your favourite accounts?

Seeking ElleJay.

The Mini Body Shop Haul.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

This mini shop from the online body shop store doesn't really constitute the name haul but was the best way to describe just what this post is all about. My last post explained that I had been on a bit of a beauty buying ban but when you find out just how much this cost me, you'll understand why it was impossible to say no to. Admittedly I did actually pick up a few more bits than what is pictured however with the others being stocking filler presents, I wasn't about to risk exposing them to anyone who may be reading this post!

I've actually never been a big shopper in The Body Shop but that doesn't at all mean I'm not a fan as I certainly do respect their anti- animal testing values and their products really do make great presents. But whether you're ready to embrace christmas or want to hold off for a month or so, you may just change your mind when you hear about the rather large discount The Body Shop is giving which ends today! With 50% currently off their sale products, you will find some great picks amongst their beauty and skincare items however it doesn't stop there- they are also giving another 40% off these prices aswell as everything else on the site too- crazy right?

A couple of the bargains I picked up included this beautiful light pink lipstick in a well designed silver and rose gold packaging at a final price of £1.20 and also this little cube of strawberry goodies for just £2.40. So, lets face it, what are you waiting for? Just use the code 14317 on The Body Shop website today to pick up some great presents or why not just treat yourself!

Seeking ElleJay.

The Autumn Beauty Favourites.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

If I told you its been over a month since I bought a new makeup addition, you'd be just as shocked as I am. This non-intentional beauty spending ban I had myself on is actually such a reality check for me as it has shown that I don't need to constantly buy. I don't really 'need' that new mascara or lipstick, I just want it. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself to fancy things, in fact its an easy mood lifter sometimes, but when you start finding a bag of goodies you bought last week under your bed that you haven't even looked at (we have all done this before right?)- you then realise the novelty and buzz from treating yourself has well and truly been used and abused.

So, this thought brings me to today's post. None of the items in this post are new, in fact theres probably a high chance that they've featured here on Elle-Jay before but I wanted to show you some of the products I'm using as we enter the colder weather and hit the beautifulness of Autumn. Aside from the miserable weather, the outdoors and the pretty dried leaves all over the floor bring warm colours of orange and browns to our palette so why not introduce these shades into our makeup collections and into our routines?

From my collection, I've picked out my favourite items that have these autumn colours and will make transforming your usual daily makeup choices so simple. The simplest way to adjust however has got to be by toning out your lip colours are reaching for the more nude options such as the first two shades pictured above, however if you want to go a little bolder, why not go for a muted berry colour which can also look very natural yet seasonal.

A couple of other ways I love to really work with a new season is to explore the colour variety in other products such as this peachy orange shade of blusher from Topshop or even the dark bronze eye shadow colour from Maybelline. There are so many options, it all just depends how bold you're willing to go, and whether you love autumn colours as much as I do. However, with Halloween soon approaching, I'm pretty excited to see just how wild some of you are going to go...

What autumn colours and products are you mixing into your makeup choices?

Seeking ElleJay.

The Fabric Dyeing Trick.

Monday, 19 October 2015

When you live in black jeans like me, you'll understand the constant battle of trying to not over wash them. About a month into owning black jeans, they tend to turn a sort of grey colour which also gives them a worn out look. This can sometimes really work for certain outfits where you're going for a biker or casual type of look, but more often than not it just leaves me frustrated and already planning when I'm going to buy a whole new pair.

As a little addition to this jean revival post (it all links, promise) I thought id throw in a very quick high street jean guide for skinny jean wearers, because lets face it, its an absolute nightmare right? When it comes to jeans, I really struggle to find the perfect pair as they tend to either not stretch enough (H&M) or have a not so skinny 'skinny fit' (River Island). The most perfect pair I've found for my body shape and my preference however come from Topshop. Topshop have a huge offering of fits in their denim section from flares to cropped jeans and from low risers to high waisted styles however the pair I find the most comfortable and wearable are their Jamie jeans. These are thicker then jeggings, high waisted enough to hide those not so pretty bits and skinny enough to be able to sit just inside boots- perfect right? The only part I don't like about them however is the price; £40 for a pair may not seem a lot but if like I said previously and you're buying them every couple of months then it becomes not so money savvy.

Having just bought a new pair and being on the verve of throwing out the old ones, I was lucky enough to be contacted by the lovely people at Dylon and be sent out a few dye samples of my choice*. With the jean situation at the front of my mind, this was my automatic response and something I had never thought of doing before. With just the Dylon fabric dye in Black Velvet, some salt and my old, washed out jeans- I threw them all into my washing machine and put on a full wash. Once complete I rewashed the jeans just to take out any excess dye that may be left and hung them out to dry. 

The amazing results of the dye became pretty clear when I mistook them for my new jeans only days later and found the colour to be as strong and consistent, if not more so than the brand new pair- problem solved! I am yet to test the longevity of the dye however at a price of £6.84 for a packet, it is undoubtedly cheaper than forking out £40 for a whole new pair and I will be trying this out on a couple of my other clothes at a later date! 

Don't forget to check out some of their other products and colours here to see what you could do with fabric dye too!

What do you do to revive the colour of your old clothes?

Seeking ElleJay.

The Tips: Feeling Low About Your Blog?

Friday, 2 October 2015

Following on from my post about bloggers block and some ideas on what to write about, I also thought it might be a good idea to go through some tips on how to eliminate feeling of negativity towards your blog as such. You may have tonnes of ideas on what to post, how you're going to grow your page but if you're not excited about the whole concept then what are you doing it for? This has pretty much been me recently- it's so hard not to be disheartened by numbers and a lack of opportunities. Comparing yourself to others is always going to be something we can't avoid too especially being surrounded by so many talented bloggers within the community. But with this in mind, when I'm feeling down about myself and my blog, I try and do a few things to help me remember the real reasons I do it, how far I've come and just that things aren't so bad after all!


Drowning in ideas and no time to do it? When I'm feeling like things just aren't going my way and stress takes over, I tend to write down things I want to work on. This puts things into perspective and also relieves your mind of all the mental notes you've put in there. Sometimes by taking a step back, you realise that it isn't as scary as you've been thinking and you become a lot more motivated to get it all ticked off. 


This tip can potentially send you one of two ways, it can leave you feeling even more inadequate as a blogger or it can leave you feeling motivated, excited and inspired. When I feel as if my blog is heading down the road of becoming more a chore than a hobby to me, I step away and seek out some ways to start feeling inspired again. Scroll through Instagram or go pin-crazy on Pinterest- you are almost guaranteed to find an idea that gets you thinking. Spending some time on these will more often than not leave you with a couple of extra comments or likes too which I'm sure will give a little extra boost. But don't make it solely about this, our aim is to feel inspired and excited about new ideas.


This is a must. As silly as it sounds, you should remind yourself of all the good things and all of your achievements. Even having a blog is a great number one for your list. How many of your family and friends have one? And secondly, people actually read it! Someone has taken time out of their day to read your post and even comment on it- thats quite a big thing!


Last but definetely not least- take some time away. Step away from the computer, put down the phone and fill your mind with something completely unrelated. If I'm not feeling very enthusiastic about my blog, I like to try and forget about it for a while. This could be an evening of binge watching a TV show, a weekend away with your friends or even just try to try to train your rabbit not to eat anything and everything in sight like me. If anything, the change will make you forget what it was you was worried about and you'll start to really appreciate what a great thing it is you have after all.

What do you do when you're feeling uninspired about blogging?

Seeking ElleJay.