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The 3 Reasons I Still Use Cleansing Wipes.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The make up remover that is looked down upon by most beauty enthusiasts is the cleansing wipe or face wipe. One of the main positives about our blogs however is that everyone is different and everything works differently for different people. From the days where Dream Matte Mousse was the go to product, I have used cleansing wipes to clear my face of the days makeup. Looking back to then I also realised that not only makeup routine but also my skincare routine was so much more simpler back then, and my complexion was just more clear. It was at this moment that I realised perhaps my skin needs less products and needs a somehow less complicated routine. As much as I love trying new products and freshening up my skin with toners and creams and masks to see just what will happen, it just doesn't seem to work for me and can leave me with very spot prone, sensitive skin.

Cut The Time

In no way am I saying that you should just use face wipes alone, I am simply saying that I do not agree they should be overlooked. I do think face wipes do a great job at removing your make up effectively and efficiently. These wipes are kind to your skin and effectively remove makeup whilst also hydrating the skin opposed to some other cleansing products that leave your face dull, dry and tight. They come in a range of versions from sensitive, moisturising to brightening and they're just great for removing all your make up, even that painfully stubborn waterproof mascara. With around 20 in most packets, one wipe is plenty big enough for your whole face. Using a light amount of cleanser is a great idea after this if you feel like some still remains but juts think of the amount of money you could save by not using this all over every-time?

Space Savers

I haven't actually been away a lot this year but that doesn't mean I can't emphasise just how perfect wipes are for travelling. From trips abround to just spending the weekend at your family home, you can easily just throw a pack of make up wipes in your bag every time. They rarely consist of unnecessarily bulky packaging and are so travel friendly that there is no fuss or extra weight in your luggage. Yes, that means you can pack that ninth pair of shoes for your seven day holiday!

Refresh Your Skin

As I mentioned before, over the past couple of months, my skin and complexion has noticeably deteriorated. To blame other products would be very unfair as it's probably a mixture of things such as stress (and a lot of it), the change in weather, and a terrible diet. Reaching for my wipes has become the best solution as they are so gentle and hydrating that my skin doesn't break out in loads of patches or become tight. They're a gentle way to take off my make up, and I am so glad to have a product that both cuts my evening routine in half as well as my beauty buy spending.

So, with those horrid and cold times now approaching where you just want to hide under your duvet or blankets, why not save yourself so much time by trying out some wipes such as the ones pictured. I do believe that they are really underrated and have received some rather unfair and unjust reviews recently as I completely swear by them, and recommend everyone having a pack in their collection even to just use for nights when you are contemplating just doing it all in the morning.

What do you use to take off your makeup?

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