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The Gift Guide: Stocking Fillers Under £10.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Just because stocking fillers are supposed to be low priced gifts, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be nice, right?

If theres one family tradition I've adopted from others in this few years, its to have a stocking filled with goodies at the bottom of your bed on christmas morning. Chocolate, jewellery, socks, mini bath products- whatever you like to put into a stocking- I really think its a key factor that its both small enough to actually fit into a stocking and also inexpensive. I've seen a few stocking filler ideas floating around on blogs recently, which I love to see as I'm forever struggling with ideas, but it also seems that the point of them has somewhat been forgotten and large gift sets of about £50 are being suggested which surely is more just a general gift?

Anyway, aside from that, on my current hunt for stocking filler ideas and just general suggestions for my own wish list, I've come across these amazingly cute and inexpensive gifts that would be great for that early morning surprise!

Seeking ElleJay.