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The Festive Blog Update.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

If you have following my twitter or Instagram page aswell as my blog here, you may of noticed that I've been a little withdrawn from the internet and blogging world for the last month. With starting a new job and the festive period, I can't deny that I've fully enjoyed the break and was able to take time to evaluate whether this something I want to continue with into the new year. With this in mind, I therefore wanted to take this time to let you know that I am now back as I truly missed creating posts for you to all read and also socialising and staying up to date with the blogging community. I will be trying my upmost to maintain this blog that I have developed over the last two years while working full time and also without compromising on the quality of my content.

So, on that note, what better way to start up than with a update on the new bits I was lucky enough to receive from friends and family this christmas. Bit late for a christmas related post? Never. 

Ask anyone, I'm quite a difficult person to buy for as 'fussy' doesn't even cover it, but this year, everyone truly outdone themselves in making me believe that they really do know me and listen to me when I go on about the things I plan to buy. 

The next couple of posts here on my blog will give you a better insight into my thoughts and trials of each of these so keep checking back if theres something you've got your eye on too...

What present did you receive this christmas that truly surprised you?

Seeking ElleJay.