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Welcome to my blog!

I'm a twenty-three year old fashion studies graduate from SW London who now resides in the lovely city of Bristol. Throughout my life I have gained an unreasonable liking for style, pretty makeup and buying unnecessary objects.

Blogging first became known to me after the starting of my fashion studies degree. It has, over the years, increased dramatically in awareness due to its influence in retailing environments and brand promotion. With this in mind, I began reading up on street style and began following my first fashion blogs and ones that continue to inspire me to this very day.

Around the middle of 2013, this developed love for blogs and how personal style is turned into trend creation lead me to dive into this community head first and I posted my first article on my own blog- ElleJay.

The name ElleJay is actually derived from my own name. My name in full is Caroline Louise Johnson- so, taking the initial of my middle and last name gives you L J. This was then developed to be written as how it sounds- Elle Jay, which I think looks a little more interesting. 

N: Caroline Louise Johnson
T: @carolineellejay
I: @carolineellejay
P: @carolineellejay